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First off, what is From One Girl to One World?

Stories and Adventures Collected by One Girl. Handpicked Places Reviewed. An Abundant of History, Facts, and Tips of Places Explored.

This is a travel blog that features one girl’s experiences of adventure and stories of exploration. It is about my passion for discovering places that are renowned and unique in the world that leads me outdoors and involved finding out about different cultures from my perspectives but also educating those whom will come across similar journeys. It is quite like an online guidebook with plenty of history researched and mandatory tips when someone plans to visit. I hope my blog can inspire others to find the beauty in places, especially as someone who travels a lot across their own country (I call this America The Beautiful – inspired from the amazing National Parks I’ve visited).

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Of course, I can’t write about everywhere I go and everything I do (and if I could share them all, I totally would!) but if you’re curious about more things not found on this site, click here to follow me on Instagram to see more of my adventures that I recommend!