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About This Blog

From One Girl to One World is a travel blog that features one girl’s experiences of adventure and stories of exploration. It is about my passion for discovering places that are renowned and unique in the world that has led me outdoors and got me to keep moving on my feet or hitting the road. I share my perspectives and advice, but also this blog is also about trying to educate those who will come across similar journeys. Here are 5 reasons why you should read my blog if you feel like this is just another travel blog.

It is quite like an online guidebook with plenty of history researched and mandatory tips when someone plans to visit. I sincerely hope my blog will inspire others to find the beauty in places.

Being able to work with like-minded individuals and brands is ideal for my blog, but I am still open to working with many different types of partnership opportunities.


As of February 1st, 2019, From One Girl to One World’s readers are mainly female (62.1%) but are also male (37.9%). The most common age group of my readers are 25-34. Most of the readers come from the United States, Canada, and Australia.


If you’re a brand that is interested in collaborating with me or featuring me in one of your platforms, please contact me here or direct message me through my Instagram @from1girlto1world.

I can:

  • Do social media takeovers
  • Be a brand ambassador
  • Be a feature on your platform/Instagram stories/website
  • Guest blog
  • Do a sponsored post/giveaway
  • Go on press trips
  • Do product reviews

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Helping Your Business

Aside from exploring places and writing about them, I am also a digital marketing and web design freelancer, if given the opportunity! I love to freelance on the side as well as work for companies in these roles. I am familiar with content marketing/writing and public relations. I believe the exposure to publicity and maintaining relationships are vital in a business. If you’re looking for someone to help you with a project, you’re probably looking in the right place. Contact me here or go to my portfolio site if you are looking for someone for assistance.

Check out my work on my portfolio site ( and see what I can help you with over there!

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