Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities to do of all time. Introduced to it by two of my best friends during college, I fell in love with this sport. I was once an unfit beginner who hardly had any experience before, but I motivated myself to become this hiker, who does a lot of solo hiking too. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to participate in the #52HikeChallenge in 2019. I mean how can you turn down a good workout with exciting and breathtaking views?

This page is dedicated to my journey in hiking that I display on this blog site and helpful guides to help someone become a better hiker. Sometimes I contribute my learned lessons and knowledge of hiking to other sites.

Posts About Hiking

Best Hikes in New Jersey

Best Hikes in New Jersey

The Outdoors Vs. The City

The Outdoors Vs. The City

Contributions About Hiking

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