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Have you ever wondered what it was like to stay at a home that is almost as tiny as an RV, if you haven’t been in one yet? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I never stepped foot into a tiny home until recently! Traveling to Portland, Oregon, I stayed at a tiny home and specifically, in the most unique stay there is, at a tiny home hotel! Tiny Digs Hotel Portland is the place to stay if you are looking to experience what it’s like to stay at a tiny home.

This post is sponsored by Tiny Digs Hotel (thank you by the way!), but this post was written purely from my own honesty and experience.

Why a tiny home?

Tiny homes aren’t something that’s easy to find or just to set up and live in, but luckily for some states, they are legal! One of those states includes Oregon. So, if you are curious as I was about what it’s like to even live in one, well lo and behold! This hotel in Portland, Oregon has many comfortable accommodations for tiny living.

A tiny home is a great place to just feel like you’re in a house, but in a more down-sized place. It’s more than a trend, but living in a tiny home is someone’s lifestyle and it’s discoverable with Tiny Digs Hotel. If you want to get away from the usual hotel stays in a towering building overlooking a city or so, then you’d like to stay here.

About Tiny Digs Hotel

Each tiny home that Tiny Digs Hotel has is custom-built and are all individually designed and the hotel is owned by Pam Westra. There are 9 tiny homes currently in the hotel and you can see them as you first walk into the property. 

Each tiny home is next to each other just like you would see homes lined up in a neighborhood, but yet, the great thing about this? You have a lot more privacy to yourself than having shared walls that an ordinary chain hotel has! 

The “lobby” has fire pits, chairs, tables, hammocks, and twinkle string lights that are lit every night to give the place a brighter atmosphere. Not to mention, you are surrounded by trees so you can always imagine being somewhere amongst the forest!

Tiny houses lined up in Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Tiny Digs Hotel’s tiny homes are all fully furnished with a deck (to give you the option to hang outside of it) and contain everything you’d want in a home: a kitchen with a sink, a flushable toilet, a bathroom with a shower, and a living common area. There’s also a space for you to use as a working desk or to eat your meal on. Some of these tiny homes are also pet-friendly.

As I mentioned, each tiny home is individually designed and comes with a cute theme that you can also see from the inside. If you want to see what it’s like to be on a train, choose the Arthur Tiny House. Love wine and the feelings wine gives? Merlot Tiny House could be for you! Feeling like you want to be close to shore in Portland? The Beach House can give you the feeling of crashing somewhere after a long “beach” day. So many different tiny homes to fit different individuals.

Tiny Digs Hotel is located in a great neighborhood where you can find 50 different restaurants and brewpubs just 10 minutes away from them. If you want to shop a bit or find special gifts for your visit or for your loved ones, there are antique and vintage shops and boutiques nearby too. If you really like chocolate, don’t forget to check out one of the best chocolate shops in Portland nearby called Missionary Chocolates

My stay at the Cottage Tiny House

I had the option to stay at the Cottage Tiny House and for my first ever tiny house experience, I have to say I made a great choice! As a history buff, I loved all the details of this tiny home and it really felt like it took me back in time to the Victorian era! I also had better sleep here than where I am based right now at home. I felt safe and cozy. 

Victorian Cottage Tiny Home in Tiny Digs Hotel at Portland, Oregon with blogger Gabrielle Sales

The presence of trees right outside the window really made me feel for a second that I was in an enchanted cottage in the forest! It was dreamy, overall. The lights were perfect, but also, this cottage had a feel of something modern to it too. I guess it’s the layout of the home that made me feel like I’m in an RV and the white atmosphere gave so much light and airy space to the place. I also woke up to see a beautiful sunrise outside of my window that very morning for the first night.

The Cottage Tiny House has fine elegant and romantic details in every corner. It’s decked with stained glass, a copper weathervane, early 1900s furniture pieces, a fireplace, crystal glassware, and more! There is also a nice comfortable table to sit by for eating and for a workspace that is perfect for me to edit my pictures and to work on things on the go.⁣

I would recommend this tiny house for someone who appreciates the Victorian era and wants to feel the way I did, in a safe, cozy, enchanted space. It’s also very clean in here from the sheets to sitting anywhere at the tiny house (even on its stairs) so Tiny Digs Hotel does care about maintaining it to be clean for all visitors. I also was able to control my own temperature in this house and the place came with free WiFi. Lastly, there is complimentary tea and coffee (that I did not have the chance to touch!).

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