Useful Sites To Use As Resources For Your Travels

When I go on my adventures, I always make sure I go to these reliable sites to accommodate me. I’m pretty sure there are so many awesome sites in the web that can help you with a simple search in Google. But if you’re feeling lost or unsure what you need for your future adventures and if you want to find the best deal you might possibly get, refer to these.

1. is a travel website where you can find airline tickets to book, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and so much more. It can really help you cater to your needs and find you the lowest price possibly first thing. I recently just booked an airline ticket for a summer vacation using Expedia and so far, I like it. They will continue to notify/send you deals or vacation packages through email. Also, if you decide you do book from them, make sure you sign up for Expedia+ (it’s free!), which is a rewards system that will add points to your membership each time that you book with them — the rewards can be free hotels and etc.


This website was first introduced to me by my sister, who’s been an exceptional pioneer of traveling. I almost always tell my friends about this site because it can be a good way to help you save. Instead of spending your hard earned bucks on a pricey hotel, you can just go here to rent someone else’s place! These places could also be bed and breakfasts (hence, where the site got its name). Booking a place on here can also give you the experience more of a local than a tourist, since most of them are actual rental places. also features experiences you can look after around a place to help you plan an experience you want to do.

3. and

You probably heard of these already. Yes, they’re both in competition but I honestly use both. As for which one I like more, I would say Lyft. You can actually use these sites by downloading their app on your smartphone. These are great car ride services (basically cabs/taxis) and can take you anywhere you have to when you’re limited on transportation. They may not be used everywhere in each country: you can find a list of what city uses Uber by looking here and you can find a list of what city uses Lyft by looking here. I actually have some friends who do this as a job and I assure you, you may most likely meet some interesting people to be your drivers.


If you’re planning to go to a place or looking for a place to go to, can help. You can search places here (restaurants and night life) and read reviews on them and there are some pictures that will most likely be there, uploaded by other people, that you can refer to. Just an important note, some places’ information may not be up to date or they may lack newer reviews, so this site doesn’t help every place. In fact, some places are probably listed there but won’t have any reviews on there. If that’s the case, make sure you’re the first one to give that place a review!


One of the best sites because this site will really help you save. Once again, this is a site that one of my sisters introduced me to. It’s a site that will display online coupons for you to use on things and places and they will advertise exceptional deals. Definitely look on this to find cheaper tickets to somewhere or saving cheaper for a product or something along the lines.


This is a good site like Expedia as well. On TripAdvisor, you can find vacation rentals, restaurants, flights, and experiences to do. TripAdvisor also can help you save when you book for something. You can also use the site to look up reviews of places (they’re exceptional and more updated at this!).


You’re probably wondering why Pinterest? Pinterest isn’t just about uploading pictures and sharing them with the world. It’s a platform where people share their ideas! You can actually search up great tips on travel (usually they’re linked to an article). If you search a specific city or country or any place, there will be pictures that are guiding you to tips regarding that place like what to do there and what you should do and etc.


Hahaha, yep… my own site. That’s because you can find ideas of where to go using my blog or you can use my eye-opening advice on life and travel. I created this to motivate people to adventure out there but by being smart at the same time about it.

Like I said, there are so many sites to use as great resources that can cater to your adventure needs. There are hundreds of travel blogs, besides mine, that can also give you useful advice. Hope this guide helped you at most 🙂

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