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Helping Your Business

Aside from exploring places and writing about the places I discovered, I am also a digital marketing and web design freelancer! I love to freelance on the side and if you’re looking for someone to help you with a project, you’re probably looking in the right place.

I want to help you create your project! I am passionate about bringing out the best and most convenient work for people who have goals and dreams like myself. My role is to listen and visualize, research, brainstorm, explore possibilities, deliver to your needs, design, and present the results to an audience that are inspired by our work together.

Some of what I can help do for you:

  • Help create your website, customize the theme or color coordinate and design the layout, optimize it with some codes, and/or placing necessary widgets
  • Create a logo for your business or website
  • Create image headers for pages on your website
  • Share marketing/business techniques for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Consult with marketing or social media needs
  • Create effective campaign ads for Facebook
  • Copy write pages/content for your website or for your business needs
  • Create brochures or business cards
  •  etc.

If you think that I can help, please contact me here and state your needs. Also, click here to see examples of my work.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 6.03.43 PM


If you’re a brand that is interested in collaborating with me or featuring me in one of your platforms, please contact me here or direct message me through my Instagram @from1girlto1world.

I can:

  • Do social media takeovers
  • Be a brand ambassador
  • Be a feature on your platform/website
  • Do a sponsored post/giveaway

Brands Featured On/Partnerships: