I’ve always been curious about our world since I was a little one. Now, I’m feeling incredibly blessed through the art of writing (and the Internet!) that I can share what I learned about this world as I explore as an everyday ordinary girl.

You can think of me as your virtual tour guide, but I provide more than guides. I also give out tips to encourage yourself to seek majestic beauty through trips you’ve never taken, things you’ve never experienced, hikes you have to conquer, and take the steps to be a confident adventure seeker. There are also SO many stories surrounding these places and I want to be that storyteller for you.

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A Little Bit About The Blog

  • I’m not an extreme backpacker who sets off to travel or hike from one place to another consistently while quitting their job.
  •  I do travel around the USA more as of now, but I will drop some guides on places abroad from time to time.
  •  My niche has transitioned to an outdoor + wellness blog on top of all the cool activities I’ll cover.
  • Through my various exploring, I love covering geological or historical finds.
  •  I love doing weekend trips and road trips and I tell you how to make the most of them.

The 3 Principles To A Fulfilling Life


We all want to get out there, somewhere and somehow. When we’re scanning through our social media, we admire the glorifying beauty in pictures that we can only hope to experience in person. You may think it’s a dream far away from reality. But nope. Let me stop you there. You can see and do things when you allow yourself to give yourself the self-care, self-love, and time you deserve. And you will.


Our world is undeniably surrounded by many extraordinary gems. Whether you’re trying to learn about how some volcanoes formed beaches and geological formations, what happened in the past decades ago on that spot, or why something was named, there is no shortage of history to find. We should witness the creations that other humans before us have done or how Mother Nature made unearthly wonders. But getting there isn’t always easy, that’s why we need preparation.


Going places outside of your home can leave you breathless or just much more alive. Yet, why not tell others about it? You can also teach others on how to respect the nature around us that needs to be left untouched for other generations to see for themselves. As citizens of the world, we all have a choice to educate, preserve, conserve, and use our resources to make this world explorable as heck.

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