Florida is the southern east most state that differs from north to south (it’s more tropical down south), but it is only one of 2 states that has tropical weather (the other one is Hawaii). Known as “The Sunshine State”, Florida draws sunshine and subtropical to tropical climate. It’s an interesting state that has flat plains and most of the state is near sea level, making it the lowest high point of all other states in the country. Its known for its pristine beaches that can be found in the hundreds of miles on all shore sides of the state.

The state is very diversified in terms of its locals, where it takes up a large immigration population and it is a total hub as a melting pot. Its also takes after a Southern culture with Southern values and traditions commonly practiced. However, that is not always found throughout the state as some cities such as Miami has Latin and Caribbean influence. Much of the state’s economy is driven by tourism and you’ll find plenty of beach hotels, theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, water activities like snorkeling and boating, and nature that is often explored along with life such as the alligators, manatees, bottlenose dolphin, crocodiles, and flamingos, just to name a few.

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