About Me

tumblr_ocim74sowe1ql59abo1_1280Hello. My name is Gabby, short for Gabrielle. I am 22 years old and currently a full time college student. I live in New Jersey. Since I was 4 years old, I realized I love going from place to place. It all started from living in a different country to family vacations to bonding with my amazing friends. As I grew older, I realized life was getting tougher by the year. Sometimes in life, you need a break. I usually go take some sort of trip during my holiday breaks in between college or on the weekends and I use these breaks by at least doing something fun and positive. One of them is traveling, whether that’s outside the state or locally, I love discovering places that really feed onto your soul. It’s almost rewarding as it enlightens your perspective in this world we live in and the connection you feel from the ‘self’ to the extraordinary places that this beautiful earth has to offer us.

When I was a lot younger, I used to look at atlas books full of maps to learn my geography and be inspired by looking at the vintage pictures of scenery in these books. I would also spin around this huge globe my family used to have and I always had a curiosity what it’s like to go to that specific place. That curiosity in me always sparked inside me until this very day and I carry on that value of being mindful for adventures.


I made this travel blog to document the places I’ve gone to and the wonderful or out-of-the-ordinary things I’ve discovered along my journeys. I also want to inform others, like yourself perhaps, to be inspired and to inspire others (even to inspire your own self!). While you hear the word ‘travel’, there is really no clear method of what it means to travel.  It can mean flying over to a different state or country or it can mean just taking a drive to a restaurant nearby your town. I can say, however, I am not a full-time/nomad traveler nor do I plan to anytime soon and I am content balancing a life being surrounded by work, school, and my friends and family. It is possible.


I decided to take this step to combine my love for writing and taking pictures and also my love for finding connections outside my small town to create this platform full of utopias (our Earth is a utopia in so many aspects!!): From One Girl to One World.

Enjoy! 🙂

You can also follow me through my website’s instagram: @from1girlto1world

*All pictures on this blog are mine unless stated otherwise*