How I Choose Places To Travel To

We know the world to be a very big place and there are so many destinations to choose from. It’s just so incredible just how many options we have! As you see and as one expected to run a travel blog, I’m traveling to so many different locations. I’m not one who travels abroad often (at least not yet), but that’s the thing about travel: It’s not tied to only one kind of travel.

I’ve been covering a lot more of my destinations around American travel because this is the country I live in and it’s been a lot easier from going from state to state. I do believe that I travel around more than I blog and that’s the thing that can be difficult to tackle, but I will try my best to choose the most interesting places to write a blog piece around them.

If I could write about everything, I totally would! But, I only have information that I have learned and digged around for some places. It’s also a lot of work to cover everywhere I go. I think sometimes we get stuck trying to choose where someone should travel, so refer below to decide how to decide where to go next!

I look at my bucket list, but I do have to be very realistic about it.

I love a bucket list to inspire me, as you can see here. I can choose anything on my bucket list but it all comes down to also being realistic about it from locations to my budget to the way I want to travel. From there, I will narrow down the places to locations. If I’m in a state and want to stay there, I will want to choose a destination in that state. I may want to just do a road trip, so I will make sure to find a location nearby to drive by. I may have a specific budget in mind so I will keep in mind of that as well and will look around to see if traveling around that place will fit it. I will, however, prioritize places in my bucket list more than other places, whether it’s a bucket list for a state or my generic one.

If I can afford it, I will do it.

Again, going back to my budget, which is always the most important factor to bring up when traveling, I will keep it in mind when choosing where to travel to, where to stay, what places and excursions to do. I will not try to go somewhere where I simply cannot afford it or put me in debt. So this also goes back to being very realistic about which place to choose to travel to. When I’m ready to travel more abroad after this pandemic, I will love to take advantage of air flights that are cheaper than they really are (like if I can save hundreds to thousands)!

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

A road trip to a really nice nature is on the top of my choices.

I’m drawn to places where there’s more nature than in cities. I do love to explore a good city, but I love places where there’s more nature. Especially, if it can involve simply driving to that place. I am a sucker for splendid views that you can view from outside the car for miles. So, I would choose a location where there’s more nature and if not, a place where there is at least some nature to explore in the city. I love to do a good hike, even if it’s a shorter trail, as long as I can get out and take in nature.

I only really go to places I really want to go to. Places that have a story or have interesting elements to explore.

For me, when I go to a place, it is mostly because I really just want to go there. I’m not super picky when it comes to this, but it makes sense to want to go to places you only want to and that’s why some of us set a bucket list. I love trying to explore a place that has a lot of history or an intriguing story to it and if it lacks a story, at least I’ll consider the location if it is known for its views.

Flying on top of the Grand Canyon

If a friend lives there, the more reasons I’ll go visit.

I noticed I’ve traveled a few times wherever my friend moves to that location. I love to visit my friends and there’s some really good perks to it, such as having a place to stay without paying for the rent haha or if they have a family member there that lives there that a friend and I can visit together to stay at.

Austin, Texas

So there you go. Those are the top main reasons of where I choose where I plan to go next and how I determine what blog post I’ll cover.

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