Arizona, a Southwestern state, is home to The Grand Canyon, thus nicknamed as “The Grand Canyon State”. However, it’s also home to several other national parks and monuments. The state has vast land of nature that seems to amaze tourists from all over the country from red rocks to cacti to desert landscapes. This is why it makes Arizona one of the perfect states to take an All-American road trip in. From its friendly hospitality that is present in its locals to the super delicious Southwestern and Mexican foods easily found in the state, it’s not hard to see why Arizona is a place worth vacationing in.

There’s a lot of Native American history to learn from this state and find evidence that will trace back to the history. There are several federally recognized Native American tribes that reside in the state and 1/4 of the state consists of Indian reservations. From Native American culture to the Western stories it’s known for and ghost towns, Arizona is a state with a lot of its own unique traits. It’s also the perfect playground for outdoor activities such as water activities that take place on lakes, hiking, horse riding, camping, and more. However, don’t think of Arizona just for its intolerable high temperatures, it’s cooler up north and it snows during the winter time. There are also pine trees to find and snow capped mountains.

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