When it comes to finding blogs, we are probably unsure if this is content we should invest our time in reading. There are so many blogs out there, let alone so many travel blogs that exist since the travel industry is very saturated. But, rest assured, my blog From One Girl to One World might be a blog you’d like to invest your reading into.

Here are 5 main reasons you should read my blog:

1. All the articles here were written by me and each has a unique angle.

I try to focus on making original articles on places and experiences I have experienced. When I think of something that hasn’t been thoroughly explored and seen on the Internet, I will try to provide guides for that specific place or experience.

My goal is to come off as an adventure travel blog in the eyes of an enthusiastic explorer that wants to help guide people in making decisions on a place that might be travel-worthy for them or to just gain a divergent perspective.

No one wants to waste their days traveling to a place without finding the right places to visit and the right things to do to kill their time. No one wants to read pieces that do not make them think or move them in some way. I think about providing value to my readers as much as possible.

2. A lot of photos on this blog were taken by me (or taken by my friends that support my blog). Oh, and all photos are raw images that do not hide behind filters.

I can’t tell you enough how many times I have come across Instagrams and travel blogs that display their own photography with over-the-top filters or presets that almost make those locations a whole different planet. Not saying all photos with them are bad, but I make sure all the photos displayed here are the colors you will see in person.

I don’t like to hide beautiful sceneries or exaggerate them by editing them where they’re almost unrecognizable. I am inspired by journalistic styles of doing things and journalism isn’t about using photos that do not represent the real people or places.

I occasionally use stock images, but only if I really had to. Otherwise, 99% of my articles on this blog does use my own photography.

3. You can find a lot of information on the guides I write. A lot of history too. I try to squeeze in that edge of education as much as I can.

Having been a teacher twice in my college career and having dreams of growing up to be a journalist, I am a supporter of educating people and reporting on information that needs attention. I was inspired by my own roles in life and I want to bring that alive on my blog. This means including the rich history of places that I discover. I am so intrigued by history that I find it also gives more angles to a story (or a guide) and makes places even more worth checking off.

4. There’s cities. Then there’s museums. Oh, and there’s nature. I am all for being that one girl who talks about it all.

If these things peak your interest as much as it does for me, well then, you should stick around. I seriously love everything that our world has to offer that will keep us exploring. It’s just refreshing to find out what these places are and how to get there, how to experience them, and how to capture them. It’s hard to explain unless you do get traveling, hiking, and loving being away from home. ;)

5. I do not have this blog just to brag, heck no! This blog is really about you.

I am just a normal girl who is obsessed with exploring, but I admit I have gone through struggles and I will drop my life journey in my content sometimes to bring awareness. Maybe, it is something you can resonate with too. Having this blog means that I am not on here to just want to share my life. That could get old and repetitive. And with travel blogs, I know it’s easy to think the blogger probably wants to just brag about all these places they’ve gone to. As awesome as making travel a hobby for most of us, it’s mainly a business to see how we can help others.

I wanted to create this site to help you find inspiration, to get you moving, to get you wandering, and to seriously live your damn life because we only exist once on Earth. I also carefully think hard about what content to craft to remember you are the adventure seeker that I find myself in too. I want you to promise me that you can also try new things, challenge yourself, and be able to grow from your small and big adventures. Just like I am constantly trying to.

And if you do read my stuff, thank you. Thank you so much for your beloved support.