Oh, beautiful California. One of the dreamiest states of all, after all it’s called “The Golden State”. You’ll come across golden poppies when spring comes around and you’ll come to learn that the state was involved in the California Gold Rush in 1848. What makes California special is how huge it really is and how it feels almost like a country of its own too. There’s a wide variety of landscapes to explore in this state with snow-capped mountains, hills, redwood forests, coastal beaches, and deserts.

It’s not only home to the world’s best natural wonders, but it is home to the most populous cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each city is known for something different like Los Angeles is the center of the nation’s television and film industry and San Francisco has the biggest tech companies through the nation. Many cultures are spread throughout the state, creating variance in foods and local things to do. There’s also so much to do in this state from outdoor adventures of all sorts (surfing, skiing, camping, hiking, etc.) to city exploring and shopping to becoming a state you’ll enjoy road trips through.

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