Hawaii is the most tropical place and the 50th state of the United States. Although it feels like another world away, “The Aloha State” is a state that brings as much aloha as much as the beauty it possesses. From white sand and black sand beaches with beguiling turquoise waters, sea life and reefs call this home. Water sports enthusiasts see Hawaii as a dream as much as everyone else sees it as paradise. It’s also famously known for their volcanos, some active and some not, since each of the islands was built from millions of years of volcanic activity.

Its rain forests and tropical weather breeds green in many of its mountains, making hiking a perfect way to encounter these lush landscapes. Pineapples, macademia nuts, sugar cane, and homegrown coffee are what makes agriculture rich for Hawaii. The Hawaiian culture is celebrated for its traditions such as luau, the Polynesian’s passion for surfing, and hula-dancing. The state is considered a holiday destination for many because of the outdoor activities it provides, the beach resorts that offer more than oceanic views but true hospitality, and the diverse food and shopping that can be found on any island.

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