6 Best Roads In The USA To Drive Through This Fall

The multi-colored leaves surrounded with hues of yellow, red, brown, and orange, the sound of those crunchy leaves as you step on them, and the promotions of pumpkin spice in drinks and sweets are just a few hyped up things in fall (or autumn). Autumn is the season that helps summer transition into yet another vivid and festive season. 

The best places to witness the sceneries and elements this fall season is right here in America. You’ll get into more of that fall-ish mood when you take a road trip drive through these roads. The fall foliage is a luscious view to admire from outside your car, so here are six roads you should drive through to experience the grand foliage, a.k.a the desired scenery that everyone is seeking for every fall time.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway doesn’t only make one of the best drives this fall, but all year round. It’s located between two national parks: Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a tri-state road that is shared by Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee and it is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the larger Appalachian mountain range. This road is 469-mile-long and that’s a very long road to see all the endless colors of autumn on their trees, let alone be in awe with all the overlooks and vistas you’ll come across in every turn. Hit a foggy day and you’ll see clouds are set low through the shadowing mountains.

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2. Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway

Located in Oregon and one of America’s grandest rivers to see (The Columbia), it is 75-mile long and it is most desired for its astonishing waterfalls and overlook of the river. It is also nicknamed “The King of Roads”, which says a lot about what views on the roads you will see. The best time to see the foliage is from September to October with peak colors lasting for about two weeks. Think about seeing the foliage from a forest hike to taking a cruise on the water.

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3. Palisade Interstate Parkway

This 38-mile-long highway is located in New Jersey where it connects New Jerseyans across the George Washington Bridge and Bear Mountain Bridge. There are incredibly eye-candy views of the Hudson River, the NYC skyline, and the steep cliffs of the New Jersey Palisades that lines along the Hudson River. You’ll also be in the shade of these orange and yellow colored trees that will leave you feeling humbled.

4. Kancamagus Highway

34-mile-long, Kancamagus Highway is a scenic road in Northern New Hampshire and just about the best of the best in this list. It also got rich history and a breathtaking drive to see the White Mountains, the Swift River, and a couple of falls. Sure, the highway has no stops to get gas, to grab some fulfilling food, or a place to just lay in a bed, but you’ll be strapped through this scenic byway from beginning to end and marvel along with the foliage you dreamt of.

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5. Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway, which might as well be called “million dollar” for a good reason (ahem, its foliage views that will remarkably remind you of Switzerland), is a section of U.S. Route 550 from historic Silverton, Colorado to Ouray, Colorado. 25-mile-long, it is situated along with the steepest mountain range in Colorado called the San Juan’s. Though, it’s recommended to drive here carefully while it’s light out in the morning or day since it consists of very steep cliffs and a section of it does cut through one of the most dangerous and hazard roads of Colorado (it lacks guardrails), which is the Uncompahgre Gorge.

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6. Mohawk Trail

Mohawk Trail is one of the most beautiful drives in Massachusetts. It’s about a 69-mile-long road that gives good visibility of the Berkshire Mountains. Its got a historic notion to it: the trail was a Native American Trade that helped tribes go along the East Coast. It’s best to drive it in October to see the peak of the autumn colors. The miles that lie between North Adams and Greenfield are gratifying views to see.

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    I love travelling in the autumn season largely because of the fall foilage. I’ve been to both Shenandoah National Park and the White Mountains in October and can confirm that the drive through both these place was outstanding.

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      That’s pretty awesome! Thanks for confirming that and giving a testimonial just how they should make it to this list.

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