An Investment to Make: A Waterproof Case

I wish I had thought of this long ago BUT I have to say I’ve been fortunate to have had luck with my cellphone (iPhone 6s) without a lot of added protection. Before getting myself this current phone case, I had a really sturdy but thin rubber case that had been bought along the time I got my iPhone 6s (it’s a Tech21 ultra thin protective phone case) and of course, you can’t forget a screen protector, which mine happened to be fiberglass. With those two things combined, I have dropped my phone by accident several of times and it survived with zero cracks or damages. The quality was amazing; however, it won’t protect it in the water.

Summer is coming up and what better way to protect your phone than to invest in a waterproof phone case? In the summer, you might find yourself swimming in the ocean or pool a lot and you might get the desire to record some perfect moments in the water. You might be caught in the midst of rain just pouring out of nowhere with your phone out. You might be hiking up some mountains and dropping it on the dirt. The possibilities are endless but you can’t get more protection for your phone than a waterproof/life proof case.


Recently, I just ordered myself a waterproof case. I got it from Amazon for such a great and affordable price. It’s the ALOFOX waterproof case.

Waterproof Case for iphone 6/6s [4.7-Inch Version]-ALOFOX Clear Retail Packaging White
Waterproof Case for iphone 6/6s [4.7-Inch Version]-ALOFOX Clear Retail Packaging White
It arrived in just two days (with the Prime membership of course) and I just waited until today to install it on. To be honest, it was really easy and direct to put on but it took a while to press the rear back and front back together to enclose my phone! When you know it takes some work to put the case together, you know the case will be very protective. When I finally had put the back and front cases together, I accidentally had hit my phone on the “silent” mode. From this point on, I had NO idea how I was going to put it off silence so I can hear my phone ringing and text message notification sounds. I tried to almost pull off the twisty knob that goes in front of the silent mode of the iPhone but that is the WRONG way to do it. You actually twist it to put it on and off silent.

Saying “see you soon” to my old iPhone case (loved this case though!)

When you get the package, it’s equipped with the phone case of course, a wipe, a hand strap, a headphone adapter and the user guide. To get started, please refer to the user guide because it will tell you how to correctly install the case on and how to demonstrate the O-Ring testing (which is how to make sure your phone IS waterproof from the way you installed the phone case onto your phone). The case is made of rubber from the inside and outside it is plastic but in good quality.  There is also a screen protector attached to the casings. There are rubber seals to the head phone jack and for your charger, which you can instantly pull out if you need to use them. This phone case claims to be waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof.


I can’t tell you so far how great this case is since I just got it but so far, first impressions, it’s really sleek. It’s not really bulky — it’s actually decently light weight for a waterproof case. I love how the back is transparent so you can really see the Rose Gold backing of my iPhone. The best part is how the screen is quite sensitive to touch with its built-in screen protector. At first, it might take a couple times to touch the buttons but instantly, it’s sensitive to touch so you can type well and press anything without force. Overall, I think this is a great phone case and a waterproof case is quite the investment especially for you adventurous and conscious people! It’s also a great alternative to the Lifeproof waterproof cases (those are about $63!).

Tell me what you thought below!