30 Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

You may know someone who is really close to you who claims to be a traveler and with that, a traveler is one who cherishes experiences that are eye-opening and exciting, including celebrating holidays. If it’s a holiday rolling close by (their birthday, Christmas holiday, an anniversary), you’re probably looking at this post because you’re thinking of gifting something to your traveler. We all feel like the best ideal gift for a traveler is a round trip air ticket to a beautiful foreign place, but we all know our budget for that isn’t always possible. So, the best thing is to gift something from this list I compiled below.

I have listed the best useful gifts that a traveler would like, ranging from low budget to expensive, separated into different categories. Click the table of contents below to see what items I recommend under that category and click on the product image if you’re interested in checking out the product more and buying it.

Travel Inspired Home Decor

1. Push pin travel map

Your traveler will love this rustic-looking map that will hang perfectly in one’s living room (or even an office or bedroom). Considering it’s made of wood, it adds a lot of class to it without breaking the budget, at all.

Price: $26.90

2. Paperboard suitcases storage boxes

These absolutely adorable storage boxes are not only nice to display on a dresser or a console table in a living room, but it’s so practical to put anything in it. It’s also stackable in different ways. They also come in a variety of different styles.

Price: $29.99

3. Cork globe

Traveler looking for a way to display their travels? They can pin it on this durable cork and steel globe and it would look ideal in an office and pretty much anywhere else they desire.

Price: $49.97

4. Whisky glasses with travel case

Does your traveler like to drink? Then, they’ll appreciate these whisky glasses. Not only can they start using them in their homes, but they can take them with them wherever they fly. Definitely ideal for a traveler who has a bar area in their home or even a bar cart.

Price: $39.99

5. Geography themed pillow covers

Would your traveler like to spruce up their couches with pillow covers over their pillows? Then these travel-themed pillow covers would be perfect to just throw over their pillows!

Price: $15.29

6. Hanger frame

The style of these hanger frames is just so minimalistic and your traveler might like that! They might already have a collection of posters from their travels and they might want to have a great way to display them.

Price: $24.99

7. Prints for wall frames

Jewel Sales is an artist (and my sister!) and she designed these beautiful prints that your traveler might highly appreciate to place on their frames. She has nature inspired prints and cultural/food prints that a traveler will love to display.

Price(s): $15-$20

Travel Stocking Stuffers

8. 18K gold plated compass map pendant necklace

These adorable timeless looking necklaces will be adorned by your traveler (if they’re a girl, of course). I was actually gifted a compass necklace by my cousin with one of these and I wear it A LOT as it goes with anything.

Price: $12.98

9. Luggage tags

You can never go wrong with gifting luggage tags, most travelers may need to replace theirs after a long time and these luggage tags are really stylish.

Price: $9.99

10. Travel eye mask

These travel eye masks are memory foam and very soft and comfortable for the eyes. It has an ergonomic design to it, thus conforming to your eyes and adding less pressure to them.

Price: $18.99

11. Audible subscription

An Amazon Audible subscription is good for those travelers who love to listen to audiobooks and is a minimal way to listen to books without carrying the weight of physical books. Your traveler will love this gift as a reader.

Audible Subscription and get a 30 day complimentary trial

12. Work to Travel Shop Stickers and Other Items

This talented artist has an incredible selection of stickers and numerous other items (like decal stickers, clothes, and travel water bottles). She indeed designs and prints all of these items!

Price(s): $3.00-$45.00

13. Portable bluetooth waterproof speaker

Who doesn’t love music!? This will be greatly loved because this speaker can be taken on the water! It will play all the jams and add so much fun to one’s adventures.

Price: $30.59

Adventure Travel Gear

14. Foldable waterproof jacket

A waterproof jacket is a must if one is going to do a lot of adventures outside and the weather can be unpredictable. This is also foldable so it makes it easier traveling with.

Price: $27.99

15. Camping hammock

Does your traveler love to camp? They might enjoy having a camping hammock to easily strap onto a tree so that they can have a spot to relax.

Price: $16.95

16. iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer 

My friend showed me this and I find it very convenient for those who want to film quality videos, within adventures or not. It keeps your video more stabilized and it’s a smoother way to rotate your phone around.

Price: $84.14

17. GoPro

The GoPro is one of the best cameras out there especially if one is super adventurous. It provides the best wide-angle perspectives and I even wrote a whole guide about how to use it as a beginner here.

Price: $349.99

18. Foldable drone

Does your traveler want to improve their photography in nature and record things from an aerial perspective? Then, they’ll surely love to own a drone.

Price: $449.00

19. Dry bag

The adventurous traveler will want to keep their items all dry in a waterproof dry bag when they go to the beach, go hiking, go kayaking, or do other water activities.

Price: $10.99

Best Practical Travel Items

20. USB Portable Chargers

The practical traveler will most definitely ALWAYS need this with them. A USB portable charger is considered a lifesaver for them, whenever they need to charge their technology.

Price: $21.99

21. TSA approved locks

These work internationally (and even not!), and they’ll add security and peace of mind to one’s luggage.

Price: $19.59

22. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are perfect for the organized traveler and it’ll keep their clothes and items divided, so it’s easier for them to know where they are from its cube.

Price: $22.99

23. Hanging toiletry bag

Your traveler will LOVE this if they are organized and carry a lot of toiletry as they travel. They do not need to keep running back to their luggage to get something, when they can simply hang it up by the bathroom.

Price: $22.99

24. Portable pill boxes

Pills for the chronically ill traveler (like me) are SO important to carry and these adorable high-quality pill boxes, which can easily be carried in one’s purse or pocket, will be a great gift.

Price: $12.99

25. Foldable grocery bags

The eco-conscious traveler will surely appreciate these foldable reusable grocery bags as they can use these when they do their groceries or souvenir shopping on their travels.

Price: $11.99

26. Portable electric kettle for water

Wow! This portable electric kettle will heat up water and it is great to travel with. This can be used to heat the water for tea, for instant noodles, or for instant coffee.

Price: $39.99

Travel Books

27. 100 Hikes of a Lifetime

Is your traveler also very much a big hiker? They’ll love this book from National Geography and get ideas of where to hike next. I also always say these travel books can also make as great coffee table books.

Price: $27.99

28. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

Does your traveler like to travel around the United States? They’ll get endless ideas from reading this book.

Price: $13.06

29. Road Atlas: Adventure Edition

Do they LOVE road trips? This book covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico (and Puerto Rico). Included are also detailed maps and a lot of popular spots like national parks and more!

Price: $22.46

30. Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide

Are they curious about the food around the world? They’ll enjoy this book as it covers the seven continents of food adventures one must go on!

Price: $25.99

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