The Benefits of Blogging for Business

I’ve thought about how awesome it is to be able to have a unique job as a blogger. My part-time job is blogging as I like to say, but my real dreams lie in one day making it a full-time thing. I love being able to have created my blog site a few years ago and sticking with a topic that I genuinely find interest in (adventure travel), so making content has come naturally easy for me. Combine that with my love for writing — with some of my thoughts coming in at “100 mph”, I find writing calming and sorts out my thoughts. There are some really great benefits I saw for myself and some I recognized when I got into blogging.

Why blog?

Blogging can become a hobby, as it was for me from the start when I made this website, and I had no intentions or even having the thought come across my mind that I can actually make money off of it. I didn’t even think it was possible, especially for a niche like mine. However, there are a lot of things that are possible to make money online nowadays. Blogging is one of them.

Blogging isn’t something you can just find to do as a part-time/full-time job when you’re job hunting around on job posting sites, but it is something you can start for yourself, if you work hard enough to get started and be consistent to put your content out there. I get questions a lot from people who tell me they are interested in blogging, and I say to go for it, and some may question what’s the future of it down the road. I get it.

I know that blogging is NOT a “get rich quick” method. In fact, it is NOT at all and if you think blogging will only be for the intentions of reaching that goal, it may not be fulfilling work unless you are genuinely passionate for it. Your work may not have guarantees to pay you. You may find yourself writing a bunch of content that may never be read or discovered by others, which can be a frustrating part of blogging. Your work may finally get seen by others after months of releasing it. But don’t lose hope (yet)!

If you’re thinking about if blogging is something you can start or if you do have a blog already but are not feeling motivated enough to see your hobby/passion turn into a business… I have listed out some benefits to blogging for business. Enjoy this post on my once-in-a-while topic on blogging as I like to cover things sometimes on running a blog!

1. You work your own flexibility and schedule.

This one is probably one benefit you’ve heard about already. With blogging, you really can pick and choose when you want to write and research, even though those will take up most of your time in this job. It’s great for me to fit things around my schedule such as if there’s plans I have to attend to (my church always has something going on!) or if I want to work on other things first, like my clients in paid social ads. 

I can always resume to work on my content whenever and yes, there is always something to do in blogging (editing photos, editing videos, writing a lot, brainstorming and scheduling out content, working on social media, etc.). This is also good if you have to take a day off of working on your site so you can help assist something else or do something very important. The best part of having your own schedule is whenever you can choose to wake up and end your “work shift”. I also love choosing when I take my breaks.

2. It’ll make a great gig if you have a family. 

You’ve probably heard about mommy bloggers and how they are thriving from being able to balance being a mom and yet still make some money on the side. I’m not a mom (yet!), but let’s face it – being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I thought about my future in blogging and this was one of those things that came up to me.

I thought about how one day I may become a wife and then a mother. I don’t know if I can work a full-time job if one of us parents has to stay with our kid, but I grew up being career-oriented and making my career a big part of my existence. I heard raising a child is so expensive, and I want to be able to still help with the aspects of bills and also enjoy a great life for my family to live. 

I am able to give my full undivided attention to raising my kid when the time comes yet not having to worry about what’s going to pay for the tasty snacks I get to feed them. In fact, if I’m even lucky enough to make it full-time where I can support not just my child and I, but I’d love it if my future partner-in-crime (a.k.a the husband) can help me out beforehand and be my go-to person to help me.

3. It can help you if you physically cannot work a full-time schedule. 

You see, I leaned back on working towards my blog when I had to quit my full-time job at one of the biggest social media sites there is. This is due to the fact I got really sick (with Valley Fever). I am still dealing with some of the issues as it finds a way to activate in my body. I deal with chronic fatigue most of my days and it is soooo hard. It’s hard to wake up at certain times or when half the day of a regular 9-5 shift, you feel really tired already.

Life can be so unpredictable and can give you challenges to go through. But having a blog that can support you through passive income is great for the days you just have to rest and cannot get to work because you physically cannot.

4. You have more ownership and direction in your own work. 

I absolutely love this! Having been an “associate” working in marketing roles, I love that for my own blog site that I can decide what content ideas get put out, when I want to schedule it, and decide what I can write. I also can put together my vision for graphics for my Pinterest and which pics I want to post and talk about on my Instagram and on here. There is no need to go to someone for approval on these.

You are your own boss and you also handle all the nitty-gritty things you want for your own site like the layout, what external tools you want to use to help your blog do well, and who you can choose to work with if you choose to do sponsorships.

5. You’ll work alone a lot, but you also get to meet a lot of people who do this too.

I find that I don’t have any co-workers in this and that is alright with me! As an introvert, I don’t mind working on my own. It can get pretty lonely as your only companion will be your laptop but there is no need to have too much interaction with others… let alone even have people to be your clients, unless it’s important to interact over an agreement on sponsored work. 

You also won’t have anyone to rely on but yourself if you are your own boss and running a blog by yourself. However, you’ll find there’s a lot of blogging communities out there especially in the niche you’re in. You’ll meet plenty of people who are doing the same thing that you may be doing and you can always support one another’s blog business! You may also make them as online friends.

6. Blogging can open up many opportunities.

I have talked specifically on my blog post here of how blogging changed my life and made me confident. I saw blogging had bought me more opportunities than I was able to get. This is because you’ll be able to have an online portfolio (ahem, your entire blog) to show to a lottttttttt of people and it’ll show all the hard work you’ve created as well as share the analytics and the use of skills that took to make your blog. This will help if you’re looking to branch out into a different opportunity to make it your full-time job (if blogging is not) or if you’re looking to get brands to work with you.

As you see, there are some benefits to blogging for business and a lot more that you’ll discover as you keep it up. What is a benefit you found while making blogging your job too?

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