5 Fun Things to Do in Marco Island, Florida

This Valentine’s Day, I remember looking back to almost two years ago when I witnessed one of the most romantic sunsets that I’ve seen. My parents and one of my sisters went on a road trip all the way down to the south of Florida. We stopped by Kissimmee, Florida first before we arrived in the beautiful Marco Island. Marco Island is an island of Florida with a tropical climate and has clear green waters surrounding it. It’s definitely a trip worth taking and I loved how peaceful it was being over there. This place was suggested by my mom’s close friend, telling her some parts of it can resemble a bit of Hawaii.

The balcony from our suite

1. Stay at an oceanside resort

My family and I went to the Hilton, a 4-star resort in Marco Island, and booked a suite for one night. It was short but we made the most of being in this luxury resort for two grand days. I felt like I was there longer. Instantly after we dropped our bags into our room, we got into our bathing suits and went straight to the pool deck. I loved how the pool deck was connected right to the gorgeous beach. First, we went dipping into the pool and got some drinks by the poolside and then we went to check out the beach and swam in the warm green waters. By that time, a sunset was coming down.


2. Walk along the shoreline

When we were walking around the beach, my sister and I bumped into this guy. We found out he was a photographer from here and he came to set up his camera ahead of time before his guests would come to get their family portraits taken by him. While he was waiting for them, we had small talks with him and he told us he can take a couple photos of us before his guests would come.


There, we had just taken some amazing professional photos with this guy. We actually found out he was a former photographer for Ford models. Pretty impressive.

3. Watch the sunset go down and swim in the ocean

After, we took off our clothing again on top of our bathing suits and we ran into the water to swim in it. The sunset was changing colors right before our very eyes and it was just magical. I didn’t want to leave the water from the Gulf of Mexico at all.


Noticed how the sunset changed colors already? These pictures of me inside the ocean by these water colored sunsets had no filters as well — it was all real. It then changed to a fire orange color and everything was a shadow.



We then went back to the pool and enjoyed it until it was completely night time. My family and I ate some food too at one of the restaurants in the resort before heading out to the pool and beach again the next day.


4. Or swim at the ocean in the early day

My sister and I went to the beach very early. We really got to see the true color of the water during that bright early morning. It was a much needed relaxing swim and we laid out on beach chairs tanning and drinking our Starbucks (there is one inside the Hilton resort).


5. Eat the cuisine to find around Marco Island

After staying hours outside, we met up with our parents and had lunch altogether. We had lunch in this gorgeous place that looked like a front porch of a home.


After we had lunch, we had to go back on the road. We didn’t have time to stay another day after all we had been out to other places for days already. It was a great stay being in this resort and in Marco Island. I wouldn’t mind ever coming back.



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