How to Balance Real Life with Adventures

Some people would drop everything to go traveling. There’s so many blogs and people that prove they have done that. You’ve heard they quit their job or sold everything to go traveling. In which I believe people do that because they can stay in a specific place a little longer before they go to explore another one. Sometimes, that’s not the case at all for some. A job will of course get into the way because having a job is a commitment and so is going to school. When I was in high school, my parents used to go traveling and would’ve taken me with them if it wasn’t for my high school’s strict absence policy. So I missed opportunities to focus on school and that will happen. All through my 4 years of high school, I didn’t go on a single vacation until after I graduated at 18.

Sometimes it’s not possible to go out and travel when you have obligations. I’m in those very shoes right now and I have obligations during this time so it can take months until I can go away. Here are ways how you can balance your obligations/life along with having adventures:

1. Only go travel during your holiday breaks.
Instead of purposely missing a week of school or work in the way, plan your travels when you’re completely free and don’t have important priorities to take care of. It’s important to know that priorities are mandatory and should come first and fun can come later. Work hard to play hard.

2. Stay locally to do something.
You can do a small trip by staying inside your state or close to your state and go away for the weekend. I’ve done a lot my adventures in a different city within a day, that way I can come back to do my obligations of working or going back to school right away.

3. If you ever find yourself being away longer than expected at staying in a place, don’t forget to keep in contact with your friends and family.
Unless you chose to move away and not want to purposely be found or contacted for some reason, it’s important you don’t ignore your loved ones from home. Don’t forget the ones who are there for you and want to support you, which leads to my next point.

4. Don’t ignore problems from home or use traveling as an excuse to get away from problems that need to be faced.
You’d want to keep in contact with your loved ones if they have a major crisis. Don’t go away to not do your work, even if it’s a job you despise or if it’s school. Don’t wait to pay the bills or use ‘being away’ to not send in important assignments or projects asked by your work or school. You want to get those done and also show your loved ones, no matter where you are, they can still count on you. If you believe they might be asking too much of your time while you want to go do things when away, directly let them know and tell them when you have downtime to get back to them.

5. Notify everyone you’ll be away.
So that way people won’t be wondering where you went or if you disappeared! I sell some of my stuff on online marketplaces like Mercari and when someone wants to buy something, I let them know when I’ll be back and when I can ship out their item. Sometimes people won’t want to wait and I lose a buyer but it’s always helpful to notify them than let people go wondering.

Hope this helps in being smart on how you can balance your life while you go away. It’s another and huge thing to do if you choose to give up everything in exchange to travel and backpack around. It might be for you or doing this can be your way of traveling while getting back to your life at home.

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