6 Ways on How To Beat Motion Sickness

Those who have been cursed with the disorder of motion sickness knows exactly what I’m talking about. If you or anyone you know does experience motion sickness, please refer them to my post.

When I was super young, whenever my family and I used to take a road trip down to Atlantic City, I would have extreme bouts of motion sickness and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car already. I ended up throwing up each time we finally arrived at the hotel.

When I used to be ‘pushed’ to go on roller coasters (I hate roller coasters, unfortunately, due to my fear for heights and fears), after the ride was done, I would feel extreme dizziness and nausea and sometimes end up having to throw up. When I went on my second trip to the Bahamas, we went on a snorkeling boat and went snorkeling afterward. I did not enjoy my snorkeling experience as much as I wanted to because of my extreme nausea from the boat rocking back and forth. I wish I had taken Dramamine or something ahead of time but I had thrown up twice.

When I went on my first airplane trips, I remember how dizzy I was as a child and having to cry to my parents because I knew I was going to throw up. Everyone has something they can’t help and something that their body will push to the limit, mine happens to be motion sickness.

I loathe having it but guess what? There are ways to prevent it and there are ways to cure it after you believe you’ve been hit with motion sickness. You CAN still be adventurous even with this inner ear disorder and surpass it being on airplanes, boats, and car rides.

1. Take medicine before you do something with motion.

Over-the-counter medicine such as Dramamine and Benadryl can help after you’re starting to experience motion sickness or it can be taken an hour before a journey. These drugs may make you sleepy so be aware but it can do a good job in helping you.

2. Use a motion sickness wristband.

You can get the “Sea-band” which you can find at Walmart, Walgreens, or Target. I actually have this and I can say it certainly helps. How this works is that there is a button on the elastic wristband which will apply pressure on the wrist, actually stimulating the acupressure point. You can wear this anywhere, even during a water activity.

Sea-Band Wristband
The Sea-Band. Photo credit: Here.

3. Eat light before a journey.

Avoid eating foods that are fried or spicy or will keep you too full. Try to eat foods that are considered light like saltine crackers, bread, pretzels, chicken noodle soup, and ginger ale. You can even eat this after you have thrown up or if you’re feeling hungry with nausea.

4. Sit in the front passenger seat of the car.

If you’re going on a road trip and you experience motion sickness from car rides, the best way to prevent it is by seating yourself in the front next to the driver. Somehow, I never get motion sickness when I’m the driver but it’s a different story when I’m not. Sitting in the back can block your view, thus creating motion sickness. Concentrating on the road can be a big plus to prevent motion sickness from coming on.

5. Keep the windows open while you’re in a driving car.

One thing that my family used to do for me when it would be a long drive is to scroll down the windows of the car. It’s important you get fresh air while you’re nauseous so you don’t have to feel suffocated with circulating heat and it lets you breathe better.

6. Keep your eyes shut, lie down, or let your eyes go with the movement.

This is something you can also physically just do too. It’s natural you would want to see no motion or heights in front of you so you will probably close your eyes, this to me works when I’m on a roller coaster or when I’m going up high from a ride that goes up or spins around or if I’m starting to feel seasick. Lying down helps too. You can also train your eyes to go with the movement such as concentrating on the road as mentioned before, look in the direction where the water is moving when you’re in a boat, look outside the window and look into the clouds if you’re on the airplane, etc.

I hope these tips will help you next time if you suffer from motion sickness or if you don’t have it but know someone, remember to remind them these or to help out a friend next time you see them suffering from it. It’s one of the downfalls to be born with especially if you love doing adventures but trust me, it doesn’t have to ruin it.

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  1. Evangelina07

    Yep, here. The absolute worst for me is getting seasick AFTER being on land again. It is rare but it exists. Not good at all. 👎🏻

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