A Guide on How to Survive Long Flights

A week ago, I took a plane that took me to my destination 10 hours away from home. Long flights can make you feel quite exhausted through it all and anxious. What is even worst is riding on a plane where you have no choice but to spend a fortune on food and to get access to WiFi, which occurred to me as we speak. It’s important that you’re prepared on a long journey to ensure a comfortable air flight. You’ve already made it so far from your process of saving to your destination and getting your airplane tickets but now is the time to experience the journey to the destination.

Here are great ways how you can survive your long flight:

1. Bring food with you.

I always think it’s best to buy food ahead and bring to the plane and (sometimes) have better quality food to eat. You also get to save money (unless they give you food for free but first check up on your air flight) because the food on the airplanes can be pricey.

2. Do a hydrating face mask the night before your flight and drink plenty of water.

Being on air can suck the moisture out of your face and you might start to look tired through the flight with long hours. Doing a face mask, a hydrating or moisturizing one, can rescue your appearance through the flight and so is drinking lots of water.

3. Make sure there is WiFi on board.

If you’re that type of person who needs to keep in contact with loved ones or to blast music or to simply play games, we all know WiFi is necessary. Some airplanes do not offer wifi (yes, I have experienced it on an international flight) and if they do, like the one I’m on right now, will make you pay so much (the WiFi on this airplane is priced at $16.99!).

4. If there isn’t WiFi: you have options.

I definitely recommend you bring things that will entertain you without needing WiFi. You can bring a handheld game console, a book to read, magazines/newspapers, a journal to draw or write in, and/or cards to play.

If you believe you need to listen to music or watch a movie, you can pre-download them onto your iTunes, which is a good thing to consider as they don’t require WiFi.

5. Bring a travel neck pillow!

I can’t imagine sleeping on a plane without my travel neck pillow especially if I find myself sleeping in and out throughout the air flight. Having one is certainly handy and you won’t have to worry with a stiff or strained neck.

6. Be sure to wear a jacket or hoodie with pants, if you find yourself getting cold easily.

Trust me, it does get cold easily and randomly being up there. I find that wearing pants and a hoodie on any air flight is more comfortable over any short sleeves or short bottoms.

7. Don’t forget the chargers.

Whether there is an electrical outlet on your plane or not, don’t forget to bring chargers for your phone or laptop or any device you need to use. You can also substitute your chargers with a portable USB charger.

8. Be sociable.

Talk to your friend or family seated next to you or meet the random person you’re sitting next to gain comfort in your personal spaces or to kill time with with conversations. Who knows if you’ll make a great friend after riding on the same plane.

9. Bring snacks.

You might find yourself hungry throughout binge watching movies or whatever it is. Make sure to bring a couple snacks with you (healthy ones are always the better ones, of course) to satisfy your munchies.

10. Have plenty of rest through your flight.

Make sure you have plenty of rest before your flight (don’t try an hour of no sleep before a flight!) and during your flight. Nap away because that can kill time and give you the energy you need to recharge with.

If you decide to follow up with these simple tips, I hope you’ll have safe and comfortable travels next time! Wanderlust away, people.


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  1. RyanC

    Such a great, comprehensive list!
    Im literally getting prepped for a trip to Japan in three days and will keep all this in mind!
    I’ve never used inflight wifi – how reliable is it?

    1. Gabrielle

      It’s not that reliable but depends on the air line you’re flying with; for example with United Airlines you have to pay for wi-fi.

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