Reasons to Go Traveling

Traveling is honestly good for the soul. It’s a desire that needs to be fulfilled in a person who craves wanderlust or escapes that they will always look back on. You open your soul up to a different culture, foods, activities, values and morals the locals live by, and the beautiful landscapes (or not but to some, they may appreciate it!) that surround a town or city or country.

As someone who has been traveling since a little youngin’ at 4 years old, I’ve seen many places that gave me more joy than being at home. I’m still trying to get more joy and do so by traveling more. There’s a big world out there and you’ll get curious like I often do. I read and watch about places but I never can truly experience it until I’m there.

Traveling is also a good way to connect with outsiders of what you’re used to. You get out of your comfort zone and experience culture shock, could be a bad or good thing. What matters is how you will look back and see if you’re grateful or more desireful of other things. It brings your mental atmosphere a breather or feelings you never could’ve touched upon on. You will also learn many of things you read or learn about: politics, sports, culinary, excercise, history, art history, etc. These subjects in a place you travel to will diversify and expand your mind to different horizons.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel, please do so and please make the most of it. Because once you’re back home and in reality, you will miss it more than ever and wish you could spend more time at a place that may bring you joy. As busy human beings, we need to feel that escape and we need to immersify our surroundings with things that aspire you to be better and think better.


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