6 Reasons To Visit Washington DC

For those who don’t know, Washington DC is the capital of the United States, it’s not a state but it has its own district, which we call as Washington, the District of Columbia (and also DC). It’s a place known for its rich history in civil rights movements, the government, and the US constitution. It is home for the White House, where the president resides and works in, and many other important buildings regarding the government. Only a 4 hour drive from my home in New Jersey, Washington DC is the epitome of the American dream and the American culture.

I will provide a series of posts from the places I visited in Washington DC. Here are reasons why you SHOULD visit Washington DC or one of the places you should come to see if you want to experience the United States.

It has amazing neoclassical architectures.

If seeing an entire structure made of marble does not interest you, then I don’t know what would. The Supreme Court possesses beauty that looks to have European influence and so does a number of buildings. It’s too beautifully made to not stare or feel.

The Supreme Court

Capitol Hill

There’s SO MANY museums, memorials, and monuments.

Besides where all the well known monuments and memorials are, there are also museums around. The area where they are situated in is called the National Mall (you can read my post here to discover what the iconic landmarks in the National Mall are). If you’re a museum lover like me, you can never find yourself bored going from a museum to another one. The coolest part about them is that they are, for the most part, free! There’s so many of them, in fact my friend and I went to see 6 of them in a day and another one the next day.

Inside the Hirshhorn Museum

There’s good food to find anywhere and food trucks.

You can never run out of places to grab food at. There’s so many restaurants to walk to, bars, and food trucks, which are placed everywhere around DC! They are lined up after another in around the National Mall and you’ll find restaurants that aren’t locally where you’re from, so take advantage of them!

Taylor’s Gourmet
Tonic Restaurant

DC is known for its cherry blossom trees everywhere!

Cherry blossoms are pretty much everywhere during the spring times of DC. Unfortunately, when I came to visit, they were not all that bloomed except for some cherry blossom trees in their early stage. They usually bloom by the last week of March to April and from what I’ve seen in pictures, it’s one of the most prettiest things to experience. DC also holds festivals specifically for these cherry blossoms around the time they fully bloom.

A picture I took with a cherry blossom tree in its early stages

Lots of places are walking distance from each other.

The historical monuments and buildings, the museums, restaurants, gardens, and from other places are easy to walk to without the need to call for a cab unless if you didn’t want to walk in the extreme cold like me when I came to visit while it was still harsh winter weather.

I walked from the Washington Monument to the Reflection Pool and Lincoln Memorial in a couple minutes
We walked looking for places to eat all within the city and streets adjacent to each other; we picked up cupcakes to eat after munching on subs
The Union Station (the bus and train station in DC) is only a 10 minute walk from my friend’s dormitory

You can find movies, restaurants, and entertainment all in the same complex.

My friend and I decided we wanted to watch the movie Get Out (2017) so we found Regal Cinemas in this shopping complex with restaurants inside too, within this place called the Gallery Place. You can find shopping and entertainment places very close to the Gallery Place and Chinatown is within this area.



So not only do you get to see the most iconic sights in DC and for it being one of the most well known cities in America, you’ll experience history and art culture in all under the same city. So many places to discover and so many foods to try!! You’ll find yourself constantly busy visiting this city.

“Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.” -John F. Kennedy

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    I’ve been living in DC for 20 years now and its really nice and a lot of fun to around the city! nice post btw 🙂

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