The Rutgers Museum and Rutgers Gardens

I go to the twelfth oldest college in America, Rutgers University (according to one of my classes, it’s the eighth oldest… hmm) in New Jersey. It was established since 1766. I’m a new transfer student and this is my first semester after all. But I know my college offers great things! Like there are so many places that you can find in this state of New Jersey that is connected to this huge state university. Over the summer, I was able to visit two major places associated with the college, which would also make perfect visits for this spring and summer: The Rutgers Museum of Art and The Rutgers Garden.

The Rutgers Museum of Art that is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey is on the College Avenue campus of the university is also called the Zimmerli Art Museum. It is noted to be one of the largest and distinguished university-based museums in America. The admissions to see this museum is actually free, which makes it great! They preserve, collect, and research their arts and you will find original pieces of art to art that remains famous and aren’t originally displayed but are enticing to show.

My girlfriends and I went to see the Rutgers museum together over the summer. When we first walked in, we went to the American section/gallery.

Here is an old compass from circa 1700s I believe

We then saw a mirror that lit up infinite dots if you looked right into it and of course, took our little selfie lol.


Afterwards, we went upstairs and passed by artwork from Asian artists and we went into a room with a huge sculpture that was branching out and isolated in its own room.


We went back down and we made our way looking at Russian and Soviet nonconformist artwork. There were also propaganda artwork that communism once promoted.


This was one of my favorite paintings in that section:


We went to go check out the European artwork, in which some of the art work were placed in this dark room with blue walls. Some of them dated so long ago from BC (before Christ) times.


And here are other artwork we saw but I don’t remember which section they belonged in:

I remember there were also some cool sculptures like a butt-naked man or woman laying down and across that was what appeared to be a “bus stop station” with sculpture of people (my friend went underneath the thing to take a picture but the alarm went off after that haha) There were sculptures of pregnant women in different stages of the pregnancies.


In the lowest floor of the museum, there is a wall lined up of Andy Warhol paintings, which I know none of them were the originals but duplicates/prints of his art being displayed.

Here’s me by the main entrance:


I actually came here a second time with my boyfriend a few weeks later to show him the Rutgers museum. Here are some of my favorite arts I came across the second time around:

I highly recommend you check this museum if you’re ever around Central New Jersey or around the Rutgers area especially since it’s free, I would take advantage of it!

Another place I suggest you check out by the university are the Rutgers Gardens. It’s so beautiful to check out especially in the summertime. There’s many areas to the Gardens but we went into one area, which is still a nice place to sit down and hang out at. There’s also a Bamboo Forest around this area too! There’s a bridge with a pond and you can walk around the pond. I came here with my boyfriend too and we climbed on a huge tree branch. It’s quiet and relaxing, just the way I like it.



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  1. Beyoutiful

    oh wow, what a small world, I also went to Rutgers and graduated 2 years ago!! I just love it there and wish I could go back 🙂 Wish we had known each other earlier!

    1. from1girlto1world

      That’s crazy!! It is a small world after all and I’m really starting to like it and very true!

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