8 Things I Simplified in My Life

For many years now, I’ve been trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle and although there were many failed attempts and some successful ones that did not last, I can’t forget that part of living a minimalist lifestyle is minimizing the distractions and unnecessary habits in my day-to-day life too. The act of simplifying your life will help you out a lot with mental clarity. Those things really aren’t just limited to your materials, but in your mind, body, and calendar. In fact, not having a simplified life just leads to more stress and life dissatisfaction.

This time of my life right now has been the calmest year I’ve ever had, and there are some reasons behind it. Sometimes I think it’s because I’m growing older and sometimes I think I am learning to settle with the fact that simple means more.

So, I’ll just get straight to the point, here are 8 things I simplified in my life as of recent:

1. Downsizing my wardrobe closet and the amount of items I own

You may have figured this out already, one of the things that are part of simplifying is minimalism. This really just started from me moving to different states and then into smaller rooms (for cheaper rent) and so the process was just natural. I realized I did not even give “love” towards many of my things or I just would leave them behind. I donated whatever I did not wear anymore or even planned to wear and stopped buying items I won’t even display. 

Think of those items unbought as money saved in your bank account towards an experience you want to value instead and will make plans to value them.

2. No longer freelancing for multiple clients at once

Oh man, the hustle culture. It isn’t that great, honestly. Is a life after stress really worth it for the money you can be earning? I don’t think so. I decided to be a marketing freelancer back in 2021 after running into health issues (which are still there, but manageable), but I found myself in circles throughout these two years of freelancing: I was freelancing for multiple agencies at once. 

The thing about freelancing is that it is great that the times can be flexible, however, you can be given multiple projects to work on that will use up a lot of your time and energy in. Nowadays, I am just focusing on one company to work for with more hours and responsibilities as well as this blog site. I am still a freelancer in that case by not overexceeding to a 40-hour work week. That’s all you need sometimes rather than other side gigs.

And not to sound boastful in anyway, but I do think I am one of the hardest working people I know. But it doesn’t mean I have to always be!

3. No longer writing only longer-form content unless I have to

This is still a challenge for me, but in some instances, I do have to make my blog posts really long (I consider this over 2500+ words) because I try to include as many details as I can in them, especially with travel guides. I always knew a rule of SEO is that blog posts need to be long-form to rank better on search engines. However, there are just some posts I write (like this one) to share my thoughts and experiences for just anyone.

Some blog posts are just for writing down my food for thought and not necessarily to just end up on search engines (although that is a plus!) because this blog started off as a hobby and still is. I just cherish personal development or self-improvement topics and still want to write what’s in my heart and share some of those changes I make/made in my life. And I welcome anyone who comes across my thoughts and shared learnings.

4. No longer making creations of more social media posts on every location traveled

I think those who are on social media with their business know that to get ahead with its algorithm, you need to post a lot. I understood that and have tried to get with it, but it was simply burning me out. (I also have written a whole post on burnout in case you’re interested in learning about it.)

I would post about 3 social media posts on one location sometimes, and now I have learned to condense content in one post or in a reel video. I am a big fan of photo dumps. As someone who has worked more than 6 years in social media, it can be asking for burnout by adding more content than necessary. Anyways, I do not make money on my social media channels like on this website, and I benefit better from using social media as an outlet for community than for competition or promotion.

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5. No longer saying yes to more commitments

I was always one of those people who loved getting involved in more than one thing in life and I’d juggle multiple things. Looking back, I was adding way more stress to myself than I should’ve. I’ve definitely slowed down now. I also had people-pleasing tendencies where speaking up was hard as well as thinking I have to “do right” for others. I no longer allow myself to say yes without thinking thoroughly about it and to see the energy I still have to add more time to my calendar.

6. No longer going to a bunch of social plans unless it feels important for me

Continuing onto the point above, I no longer say yes to any social plans. I love to socialize, don’t get me wrong, but there is definitely more balance set in me where I won’t take up all my time socializing just to socialize, so that would be going to parties. I appreciate more plans where it involves activities that I can learn from doing and knocking two birds with one stone.  I also prefer to meet more people this way. 

I also make sure to plan more things with my close friends if I absolutely do not feel like doing anything but to chill around since they are who I already cultivated a relationship with and continue to have them in my life. In other words, they do take more prioritization than people I just met or people I have yet to meet. That is not to say I won’t maintain a friendship with someone new, but it definitely will need to be at the right environments as I mentioned above.

7. No longer feel obligated to do hobbies on a daily basis

There’s probably a theme here you’re noticing, but I do tend to do a lot of things in my life, including you guessed it: hobbies! Surprisingly, I am not one of those people who starts hobbies and stop touching them after a short amount of time, I am one of those people who commit to my hobbies. Big reason why I also don’t prioritize any social plans anymore as much is because I rather prioritize my skills in my hobbies.

However, just because I do love my hobbies and feel like they’re such an important component for my life, it doesn’t mean I feel like I want to do my hobbies every day. There are some days I want to just relax and do nothing: I have to let that pressure of always being “productive” go. Most of my hobbies I do have aren’t even passive kinds (blogging, journaling, hiking, rock climbing, watercolor painting, photography) but actually involve me working at them. 

I’ll just do my hobbies when I feel like I’m up for them! Yes, they say you won’t do better at things if you do not practice at them, but like I said: it does not have to be every day. Hobbies aren’t jobs where you have to always be there to get paid.

I have been watercolor painting for a year now and it really calms me. I don’t do it every day but only when I feel inspired and ready to experiment!

8. More focus on my own life and growth than others’ experiences

My mindset being simplified is just as important as the actions I take. Instead of looking up to what others have accomplished or done, I shifted that focus entirely on myself and what needs I have. I definitely do look up to others for inspiration, but it is so much more freeing and simple to be inspired of what you’ve already done and have yet to get through. 

The focus on the presence towards yourself is one heck of an amazing thing we have. As well as the relationship we have with ourselves. The need to compare and to have negative self-talk is draining and just clutters your mind more, so let it go.

And there you have it, the 8 things I majorly simplified in my life. For me to write this blog post, I recognized the growth that’s taken place in myself within a year. You should prioritize your own health and make space for what matters more than anything else. Think eternally: do these things I am doing going to better me as the person I am thriving to be?

There doesn’t need to be a proof for productivity all the time. Don’t let the hustle culture think you’re not doing enough in life. Don’t assume life is just a numbers game. Don’t make your life based on always a highlight reel like social media portrays. Don’t put pressure on yourself to create more and do more if you already create. Just stop and smell the roses.

Tell me what you thought below!