Welcome to my site :)

Hi! I’m so happy to finally get this started. I’ve been debating for so long now in the past year whether I should start a travel blog or not. I was kind of hesitant because I know there are soooo many blogs out there dedicated to the same idea my blog is about. There are so many wonderful dreamers and adventurers out there that I admire and so many great things they’ve accomplished! It’s honestly hard to keep track but I wanted to contribute to the blogging world with my own work and stories.

I used to blog a lot on my personal Tumblr blog but I didn’t exactly get the readers/followers I wanted because I would write a lot about random things and upload so many of my personal pictures featuring the different places I’ve gone to. I just didn’t feel like I was connected to anyone on there. So here I am, I created From One Girl to One World to hopefully give people ideas and to inspire them to think of the many possibilities of living life to its fullest. I want to document the awesome places and businesses out there that deserve the spotlight! This site is as much of a journey to me as it is when I’m driving or flying away.

Join me while I show you my (amateur) photography and give you some inside scoops about places and things and people. Learn and grow with me. Be bold and go out on adventures. Fall in love with different cultures, food, and be a storyteller.

You can also connect with me through my instagram.

Tell me what you thought below!