What Exploring My Home State Helped Me Realized

Oftentimes, we read about bloggers that trek all over the world to exotic countries and it’s astonishing. It always amazes me how great they are able to do that a lot! I myself love visiting and going to exotic places but reality is usually the one thing that is holding me back from completely being able to be that person. I love to blog and writing has always been something I am passionate about, so being able to go on my little adventures and having a background story to tell on each of them makes me feel like I can inform others to passionately live their lives. I wish I was able to travel endlessly around the country and outside of it but I tell myself, it’s not my year yet. (Update in 2022: I manifested this to eventually happen. :)! )

You see, as a college student who is determined to finish her studies and is busy doing anything to work towards their career, it’s important to keep one’s priorities in order. I don’t think I have it inside of me yet to just pack a bag and go as others do; it’s simply not that easy for others. I can never even encourage the idea of quitting your full-time job just to explore our world. Being able to be responsible throughout life is a must for me. This led me to what I did this summer and I did it more than any time I’ve done before: I explored my home state.


I love being on my feet and getting a feel of what’s out there. It really takes time, energy, dedication and of course, the obvious, money when you want to plan a trip elsewhere but being around your home state does not take that much effort as you would going away miles and hours away. I encourage everyone to love where they’re from and I mean really love it. I dread being here sometimes but when you have great company or great views, you really can’t complain, can you?

I put on a fresh pair of eyes and having this mentality made me love myself more and made me appreciate of being able to wake up everyday healthy. I went years really hating myself especially when I was younger, so being able to constantly evolve and change is an important process for growing. My home state is everything that stayed with me since I was here at a couple months old.

There’s beautiful trees and plants and greenery that you can’t miss in New Jersey (we are called The Garden State after all). Hills and mountains that are unique. Beaches by the coast that you really can’t hate because you crave for the warmth of the sun and for sun-kissed skin. There’s bays and lakes pretty much anywhere you explore throughout the coast. Beach towns that are found in every county. There’s history to find and learn about. I was surprised how much more I could be seeing out there and kind of kicked myself for not bringing myself to do it earlier. Now, I can see why going on field trips from my elementary and middle school excited me.


I am not done exploring New Jersey though. I want to continue hiking somewhere and pretty much, try to do things that are free or cheaper. I want to be by the beaches and take advantage of a lot of great opportunities that you can find in this state, where there’s PLENTY to do!

Adventure is pretty much everywhere and it depends what that means for you. The thing about staying home is being around what you’re already accustomed to — no need to adjust your language for someone, the time zone, or the lifestyle. There’s beauty that lies in your own backyard.

My family is also planning to move to Arizona in a few months and it will give me the opportunity to visit the west coast at least twice a year and when I do have plans to visit more around that state and surrounding states, a big part of my heart will always be part of my home state especially when there’s been so much memories built around it. This is what From One Girl to One World is about too, it’s about talking about places that makes my state beautiful and I love sharing it with you.

Enjoy this video I put together with my summer memories in New Jersey. Goodbye summer and hellooo Autumn!

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  1. moneysavingcookbook

    I love your responsible attitude to travelling. I finished postgrad and then moved to another country halfway across the world and got some serious international work experience. I highly suggest taking that route.

    1. Gabrielle

      Thank you so much! That’s amazing! I hopefully want to move to another place maybe across to the other side of the country and have some backpacking experiences internationally, hopefully that it will happen once college is done.

    2. Gabrielle

      Checking back in 2022… it’s kind of crazy after my years of college were done, I was able to travel so much more around the country and abroad! I was manifesting for so long in my old college days full of struggles and it’s definitely happened. I do love the route of going to explore places outside of my home state, even though I still suggest to make the most of wherever you are based!!

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