Why South Beach of Miami is One of the Best Beaches in America

Nearly 3 years ago, I was in the city of Miami, Florida. One of the most popular and well-known destinations of this southern state. Known for its nightlife, its art deco architecture, great shopping places like boutiques, and for its key lime pie, Miami is a rich city and it is also a cruise port. I went to the South Beach and Art Deco district, right when I landed from an airplane with my mother and sister and we had a few hours to kill before going into our cruise to the Bahamas. We walked around the district and visited some places like shops and inside hotel lobbies and admired the bright architectures of Miami buildings.

A picture of the city taken from a taxi ride

We ate right in front of the Starlite Hotel, where we can see a view of people walking by or biking around and cars being stuck in traffic. We sat on comfortable outdoor chairs and we ordered some healthy brunches and smoothies. I got this HUGE but very delicious strawberry smoothie, which was so refreshing on a very hot day.

After eating, we wanted to most definitely check out South Beach. It was just a walk across from the street to get to the beach. There were open pathways to get through the beach, all surrounded by tall palm trees (this city is literally surrounded by palm trees! I love that!) and brightly colored benches around.

A quick shot

The sand was white and the ocean was super blue, just like in the Caribbean. We also saw a Miami Beach lifeguard tower, colorful landmarks on the South Beach. I think these are the best places to be photographed at if you’re on this beach. After, we took a dip into the waters but we couldn’t stay anymore longer because we had to catch our cruise ship. We actually came back to Miami right after our cruise and spent a couple more hours in the city and on the beach before going back to the airport to go back home.

Taken from an iPhone, me hanging out by a lifeguard tower

What makes me believe that this beach is one of the best is how shallow and calming the waters can be. You can walk miles in the shore and you will not sink or be caught by a sudden rush of waves. The water that day was just perfectly warm. The water is so clear you can see the ripples that your feet are making underwater. Oh, how much I loved floating and swimming in the water.


Since spring break is coming, I believe South Beach of Miami would make the perfect destination. I did wish I stayed in this city longer but there’s always another day and another time for that, hopefully and maybe experience it with the company of friends since I’m a little older than when I came to visit it. 🙂 Because I have no doubt there is so much you can find yourself doing something here.


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