Why Your Goals Are So Important and How They Can Take You to Places

I wanted to shift away differently from my usual topics of sharing stories on my adventures and such. I know it’s midterm weeks right now (maybe not for you, but it is for me 🙁 ). One important thing we have to think about as we move on with our daily lives with balancing a job, school, and a social life and our interests is what it takes to make sure that these things we are doing will one day lead to a goal. Not everyone may have a goal in mind but usually when we want something so bad, we will work towards it and we can probably find a goal later as we work every day. Sometimes, I think how do these people go on the trips of their dreams besides those people who I know are getting sponsored and paid to go to places? Is it a job or do people do it out of interest like me? Even though I do mine thoroughly with a plan or spontaneously out of interest, these are goals. We don’t reach to a place, trying to look for nothing or have something come to us, we plan and work towards how we can experience it and how to get there.

But having to keep up with goals are not easy; sometimes they are easier said than done. We are so distracted by the important tasks and duties we have to do in our daily lives, we start to forget what we are working towards. Thus, this leads to loafing away and decline in work ethic or in other words, laziness. Or we can be stuck in a place where we dread but not telling ourselves this is and should not be our final destination. Push yourself. You’re stronger and more capable than you think you are with simple psychology of using your mentality. Motivation is something that we need to grasp on and make it a daily thing in our lives along with the other things. Continue to get those hard earned A’s on your tests, send in your assignments on time, and keep going because in the end, it will pay off.

Motivation is not only key to get to your goals but have the mentality of wanting something so bad that you will find a way to get to it. Use your resources. Find out how much you need to save to get away for a week somewhere or whatever you really want, calculate your spendings in order to save for it, and search for good deals regarding that. Don’t give up looking for something that you can’t say no to.

Be in control of your own destiny and get engaged. Don’t leave your hopes thinking it is too  hard to reach for. Believe that you can get it and if you don’t want to do your goal alone, there are people who are in the same boat as you. Find a friend who is facing the same dilemmas and want to obtain the same goals, go to support groups, or start discussions on social media. Or you can just take the road alone.

Stay organized. Keep a planner with you or write down the things that are to be done and do a countdown until you get to your goal. Write down things that you believe need to be worked on and devise plans on how that needs to be crossed off your list. Brainstorm.

You might just finish the semester with a great GPA, find the love of your life in one of your travels, make new friends from trying to work on a goal together, get the car you always wanted, or bring home some memories that you never thought you would experience in a lifetime.

And because I wasn’t trying to be specific about these simple rules of staying on top of your goals as there are so many different goals we all want to get to, it’s important to keep these in mind no matter what it is. Concentrate on the present, be humble, and take action and you might end up somewhere you will find hard to believe.

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