11 Free Things To Do for The Weekend

Each weekend, you might always feel down for some plans with your friends but you might also feel like you’re limited to ideas if you’re trying to save money. That is not true! There are things that you can absolutely do to have fun where there is no rule required to put in a single dollar in an activity. I have created a list of ideas you can do for a weekend and let you know why these can all be considered a good idea. 

The only thing you’ll end up paying for is probably your gas or toll fees but the activities themselves are free. Don’t feel obligated to do crazy adventures just because you’re reading this off from an adventure travel blog!

Like WOW, formerly as a college student (and even to the person I am now), I look back on how much I did not want to spend so much as a struggling and broke person. One of my secrets to still feel like I was doing something with my life when money was not an option was doing a few of these. After all, I rather have saved a lot of those costs aside for travels because I started learning the value of experiences to remember for a lifetime and you can count on yourself to take good pride in that too.

Here you go:

1. Hiking

This is my favorite activity to do when I’m feeling adventurous, and if you’re new to the blog, you know now about that with me! There’s so much beauty in nature to find yourself loving it and the price of that beauty is… none! It’s free and it also comes with a good type of exercise. So not only do you have to not pay for most trails but you get to see some sightseeing worthy views, now that’s a great combination.

 *Although, I should note: Not all trails are free to use though, some require an admission fee, but you can easily google which local ones you can enter without paying for one.

2. Go to the beach (besides places that will charge you to enjoy the beach…)

Unfortunately, my state of New Jersey is one of the few states you have to pay to have access to some of their beaches in the summer. You can always have the opportunity to go outside the state and do a day trip to get to their beach. The parking is always an issue too to enjoy the beaches on the Jersey shore but for some states, the parking won’t be that much of a problem and you don’t have to pay for the parking!

A beach is always a good place to get your mind off things, get that vitamin sea, pack and unpack a picnic there, and just good ole classic bonding time with friends.

3. Visit free museums or zoos

Museums are not boring at all if you enjoy education and seeing visually striking things. It’s a great way to enjoy a day. There are some museums that are free and you can find them locally around you by using our friend Google. If you go to Washington DC, the majority of the museums there are free. Some zoos are also free or free on certain days like in The Bronx Zoo, every Wednesday there is free all day.

Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit at Hirschhorn Museum in Washington D.C.

4. Go to Barnes and Noble, any bookstore, or library and pick up a book to read while being inside

This is for the bookworms. Reading a book can be relaxing and a way to exercise your mind. No need to rent a book or buy one, just simply pick one up and skim through it or heck, just try to read an entire book right there and then. When I was a high school student, I used to do this a lot after hanging out at the mall like a mall rat with my friends.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering your time to community service or to help out with an event is not only a good way to kill time but it makes your resume look good for future internships, jobs, or other volunteer opportunities. You can also learn new skills from volunteering your time. You can also feel extra proud of yourself knowing you’ve impacted do-good work for communities.

You can find many types of organizations and charities to volunteer for, depending on what you believe is dear and important to you. A good site to search for one nearby is VolunteerMatch.org.

One of the organizations I’m very proud of volunteering for and one I’m doing right now is being a social media ambassador for the organization Hike Like A Woman! Hike Like A Woman is an outdoor organization whose mission is to inspire and educate people to do recreational activities (not just hiking!) and by that, women tell about their experiences and include tips on how to explore them on a voluntary basis. We also have the opportunity to lead others out there by leading hikes in our local communities. It also has a community of over 40,000+ followers that are following along this organization’s movements.

Representing the organization Hike Like A Woman on a trail (even before I got picked to be an ambassador!)

6. Work out with no equipment

Who says you need to go to the gym and spend money to be able to have a good workout? Just skip the gym and membership! Actually, one of the things I love doing is working out at home! I work out without using any equipment, especially for the abs and legs. You can run around your neighborhood for cardio or use a bike if you have, use a yoga mat (or none at all) but use the floor to do pilates, and learn to use your body to properly work out.

7. Swim or kayak in a lake

If the beach is not an option and if you have to pay for the beach, there may be access to a lake nearby at no cost. It’s a refreshing place to have fun times with good company. Just wear your bathing suit, bring a towel, then grab a beer or two (or a whole cooler), and float or swim around. Also to make your time feel more like a blast, bring a portable music speaker.

Also, if you already own one or if you have a friend that you can borrow from, take a kayak down the lake and glance on the nature around you.

8. Go to the park

The park might not seem like an ideal place especially if your idea of fun is something more exuberant and energy-filling but it is a place you don’t have to worry about in paying anything. It’s an ideal place to catch up with your friends or family and have long talks while strolling through the park. It’ll bring your reflective mind to a different place when you’re surrounded by peace (that is if it’s not a busy park).

Visiting Bryant Park in Manhattan, New York

9. Do a bonfire night

Unless you have to go spend out of your way to go buy firewood and the whole kit to roast some s’mores, then you can skip this. But, if you’re fortunate to have these already lying around your home, why not go do a bonfire night if you have a fire pit or if someone is willing to host it at theirs? Add some music, country or whatever you like, to the atmosphere and some drinks into the mix and just indulge in the moment of simplicity right there with friends.

My best friend and I doing bonfire night on the beach with a group of friends.

10. Invite friends over, play some games, or have a movie night.

These are classic things to do. A good kickback never hurt nobody, especially when you got party or board games to entertain each other. These activities are also good to do on rainy days. In fact, I used to do a bunch of these right here in Arizona to spend time with a chill company and really not worrying how much drinks we’re all putting down for (even though I quit drinking) or tips we’re throwing off in a bar or restaurant.

Some games I recommend: Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Cards of Humanity, UNO Card Game, The Jackbox Party Pack, Beer/Water Pong, Rage Cage, Charades, Things, The Chameleon

If not a lot of your friends are down to hang out at this time to do those games above, just consider a relaxing movie night. Choose whatever y’all want to Netflix (and hopefully the appropriate way to chill). Are you feeling romantic? Funny? Scary? Curious? Millennial as heck? There are too many to watch to bond over.

And don’t worry about the snacks, just find whatever is lying around in the pantry.

11. Work on an art project

Your creative juices are always flowing! Even if you’re not that artsy, attempting to do an art project whether it’s painting with oils or acrylic, journaling, coloring in adult coloring books, and sketching something, can make a weekend’s day productive yet fun. If none of those are you that much: maybe writing poetry, a creative story, some song lyrics, or a new blog post (my absolute favorite to do) can be ways to express art too.

If it’s a group of you and your friends, consider gathering around a bunch of magazines, scissors, glue, markers, and fun stickers to do a vision board project! You can also have a painting session together at someone’s house and if the materials are all provided there (the paintbrushes, paint, canvasses or sketchbook papers), skip on the local “sip and paint” or “wine and paint” events that require you of your money to paint.

I volunteered to host an event to create vision boards for my job with an organization that houses women who are in unfortunate situations. My job supplied the supplies while I demonstrated how we would make these boards.

Pro tip for all of these: Always eat a meal at your home before and after an activity to save yourself from needing to lavish out on food. Also, consider packing lunch.

If this applies to you, just because we are all adults now doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fun without putting a cent down on activities to do. 😉 Remember, you’re trying to have some fun time for yourself while eliminating costs as much as possible.

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