6 Reasons Clearwater Beach is One of the Best Beaches in America

You’ll find a lot of beachgoers on both coastlines of Florida and with the pristine, blue-green colored water and white sand beaches located for miles surrounding the Sunshine State, it’s easy to understand why so many people, especially from up North of the East Coast, love to come down and spend their spring breaks and getaways in Florida. One of the beaches, Clearwater Beach, in fact, broke a record for tourism in the state; according to BizJournals, in 2015, the travel-related jobs in 2015 went up 4.7% or 53,400 up from 1,199,200 employed in tourism and surpassing as the 5th consecutive year for tourism and the numbers are probably still stacking up 3 years later with the state having the #1 beach in the nation.

Clearwater Beach within Tampa Bay attracts millions of people every year and it was placed as the #1 Best Beach in America by TripAdvisor. Visiting this beach during spring break (and ironically on St. Patrick’s Day) was one of the most reassuring and most unapologetic thing I’ve done because I had a chance to see it for myself what the craze was about!

Clearwater Beach is everything as you can hope: a clean, white powdered sand beach with shallow water and non-harsh waves in a social and active family and friendly environment. It is located on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, which I believe has the best kind of beaches surrounding that ocean. However, I came up with the conclusions that there is more to the eye when you come to visit the beach, it’s more about the experience. Here are 6 top reasons why Clearwater Beach is the best:

1. The drive through there is pretty scenic.

The drive to Clearwater Beach can be full of traffic but you’ll be seeing the bright blue bay shining and twinkling in the distance. It’s so vivid! The surrounding pastel and nude colored buildings and boats sailing really give you the vibe of what Clearwater is about. Palm trees are lined up after another to make a grand entrance to the beach.



2. There is entertainment from day to night.

Clearwater Beach is a social atmosphere thus you’ll be hearing a lot of entertainers on the street from drummers to singers to magicians. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day at the time I visited, I joined along a group of people dressed in green parading around for the holiday on the outskirts of the beach. At night, I saw a family of magicians entertaining us with fire tricks, juggling tricks, and scaring us with the magician son climbing up a ladder with no support and getting out of a strait jacket with chains wrapped around him. Crazy!

Photo Mar 17, 5 23 02 PM

3. The beach consists of soft, white powdery sand that stretches for roughly 3 miles long.

Need I say more? Soft, bright beautiful sand make everything easier for everyone to have fun on the beach from running to walking to throwing football at each other. It’s also nice place to have a picnic on. The beach activities are endless and Clearwater is one massive playground! Also, the beach is clean and well-maintained with no trash. Let’s keep it that way!




4. Pier 60 is nice to go exploring on and around!

The pier, which is iconic to the scenery of Clearwater Beach, is always beach worthy for any beach. Pier 60 is great for fishing on, using the telescope, shopping, and exercising. The pier that night was full of concessions with so many cool trinkets and fun things to grab as a souvenir to remember your trip at Clearwater.


Photo Apr 11, 11 49 23 AM

5. The water is shallow and calming to swim in.

The speed and volume of the waves are what makes a beach a make-it-or-break-it for me. Clearwater had no problem with shallow waves as they don’t have violent waves crashing at you. You can thoroughly enjoy swimming it and walking miles away from shore to enjoy that swim. Seeing the sun come down while you’re in the water makes it an unforgettable time in the ocean.

Photo Mar 17, 7 22 46 PM

Photo Mar 17, 7 24 11 PM

6. The sunsets are out of this world.

The orange sky blended with the dark blue hues are seriously the prettiest type of sunsets to witness. As the sun is going down on the horizon too, the sun will vividly shine its reflection onto the Clearwater ocean. I enjoy every minute as the sun is setting and believe it’s one of my favorite past-times to do while traveling!



There you go, the 6 top reasons of why Clearwater Beach has me ranting about how beautiful and awesome it is. I’m sure there are so many more you can find but ultimately, one’s beach experiences are sometimes a speechless escapade.

Photo Mar 17, 7 44 07 PM
3 friends in the distance enjoying the sailboat and sunset

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