Why Using A CityPASS Is Great

When you go to visit some major cities in North America, there are actually ways you can save if you want to tour around them. My friend discovered the CityPASS, which is a pass that gives you access to a lot of the popular attractions in that city. The CityPASS can be used in cities like San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, New York City, and so many more.

How CityPASS works

My friend and I bought the CityPASS when we were in Toronto last month. We had no idea what places we wanted to go see when we arrived there. Being clueless and having no original plans to go to besides planning on seeing one huge attraction isn’t a good thing when you’re traveling. It also wastes more time when you’re trying to figure out what places you believe are worth seeing and figuring out how much they cost each to enter. That’s why the CityPASS was created to help guide you in what they believe is the best places you should see using this tiny ticket booklet.

Not only that, but it helps you SAVE! What better way but to save a good percentage of the ticket sales when you want to go see 4 or 5 attractions. When you get this booklet, you are given plenty of time to use it. You have 6 months to redeem vouchers and once a ticket is redeemed, you have 9 days to use them.

Once you buy this booklet, this means all the attraction listed there are available to you and that these are all prepaid admissions (no need to purchase tickets on an attraction before). You’re not able to print the booklet out but you are given this paper that has a confirmation number and a voucher that is sent into your email.

First, you have to go to one of the attractions and when you arrive there on a line, you can tell the customer service you bought a CityPASS and they will ask you to show them the voucher. In exchange for the voucher, they will give you the actual CityPASS booklet.




Using CityPASS for Toronto, Canada

When my friend David and I went to Toronto, we were planning to only stay there for two days but because we arrived later than expected, we didn’t have any time to explore on the first day and we just went out to eat that night. So we decided we would make the next whole day about exploring attractions.

We were given 5 attraction options; one of the attractions is you have to choose between two places. The 5 places are the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and the Toronto Zoo OR Ontario Science Centre. We managed to knock 3 places down out of 5 options. The other two were closed by then.

Keep in mind

Keep track of the hours of the attraction and see if you are able to go see it while it’s open. We aren’t all that discouraged of not being able to see all the options we had in the booklet because we realized we spent hours in each attraction and we believe the CityPASS is still worth it especially when it doesn’t expire anytime soon. You can redeem vouchers within 6 months of purchase!

The Toronto’s CityPASS claims that you can save up to 42% which is still A LOT. It’s definitely worth the money instead of shelling out for buying a ticket each attraction.

We arrived at the Royal Ontario Museum. Read our experience all about here.

We then visited the CN Tower. Read our experience all about here.

Our last stop was the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada 

I hope this guide helped you in deciding if you’ll buy the CityPASS next time in a major city. Check out the site here to see if it’s available in the city you’ll be visiting! 🙂

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