First Time Going To A EDM Rave Festival? No Problem, I Got You.

Even though we’re in the dead of winter right now in New Jersey, music festival tickets are all now getting bought at around this time. I mean, there are a lot of people who buy their tickets months ahead of time, right? Some of these festivals take place sooner when it’s spring and some take place in the summer, it really depends. Most of these EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals or what everyone else likes to refer them as, raves, happen around spring time and summer time in the East Coast.

It’s the time where you can dance comfortably in the midst of the heat. If a EDM festival is something you’ve never been to and are now planning to attend one for your first time, heads up, I want to give you some helpful tips before you go there. It’s best to be prepared than wondering on the way there what to expect.

Practicing some yoga during Seven Lions’ performance in Electric Daisy Carnival

I’m a music lover. I’ve gone to many concerts in my young life and that includes going to a few EDM festivals. I love them because these concerts are just full of fun energy and spirit. Sometimes, it’s the best feeling to be at when you want to feel connected with live music. I just love dancing to the beats or having chills everywhere listening to how vibrant and loud the live music can be.

I actually once worked in a EDM festival once (Electric Daisy Carnival) as something I wanted to experience for fun and to see what it’s like being a hard worker at a music festival is like. Let me tell you, it’s not always pretty and fun. These promotional videos will cut straight into the glam and glitz of experiencing a EDM festival but you have to know what really happens besides seeing people jump up and down to a DJ’s performance.

1. Be prepared to be dressed for the weather.

Even though it will most likely be hot, sometimes it won’t be the perfect sunny weather and you might experience shitty rain showers. I’ve done a mistake once where it was so cold at almost the end of May that I wore a crop top and short shorts. It was actually sunny and then it rained for a little bit and then it got hot again by dancing around in the middle of a crowd. That’s a good way to get sick. So be smart and dress for the weather. If that means bringing a sweater or wearing warm leggings (it can still be part of a cute rave outfit!), then do it.

2. Wear sneakers!

There will be garbage thrown on the ground EVERYWHERE, you will most likely dance on this. You want to wear sneakers so your feet is comfortable no matter what and I promise you that it will make you want to dance longer. Your feet will be up all day and night and the most you can do is wear the most comfortable sneakers ever. They don’t have to be your most expensive ones, in fact I suggest you try to stay away from that because your shoes will be stepped on, you will step on stuff, and it’s a good way to ruin a good pair of shoes. Insoles can be helpful to add on too.

3. Don’t wear a backpack unless it’s light and easy for you to dance around in and don’t bring a purse.

I’ve seen people wear backpacks and sometimes it’s okay for some people. I do suggest there are better alternatives than wearing one. You can wear a fanny pack (I love using this!) where you can just stuff your important things in: your money/credit card, license, and your phone. You can also use a Camelbak (which is a smaller version of a backpack and it can contain space for your water in it that you can easily refill at any music festival). Don’t bring a purse as it’s completely unnecessary and it will get annoying and loose over time… not even a crossbody bag because it won’t be that comfortable to dance around with.

Wearing my fanny pack at Electric Adventure

4. Don’t bring makeup or drugs!

There will always be a security checkpoint where securities will examine you from head to toe. They will most likely throw out all opened makeup (this can be very depressing to see especially if it’s expensive stuff). Also, with drugs, you already know that’s not smart even if it’s pills with Tylenol in it to cure headaches you might get after the festival. You can easily get one from the medical tents or if there’s a shop selling all important things.

5. There will be people pushing to get to the front. You don’t have to be one of them but there is a way to go up closer.

There will be rude people who will push you without saying anything. They might be holding their friends’ hands to get to the front of a performance with them. Just let them go and don’t let it be personal to you. You know what works to get up a little closer? Telling a little white lie to someone that your “friends” are up there already and it might be much more easygoing to get through the crowd.

Watching Alesso’s set in Electric Zoo

6. Make a plan with your friends to meet up somewhere in case someone is lost. Keep your phone on at all times. Bring a portable charger if it helps too.

It’s pretty common to lose your friends in such a huge festival.  It’s such a pain as well. Make sure your phone is on and not dead at all times. If your friend is uncomfortably lost, you can probably easily meet them if you set up a meeting place somewhere in the festival. You can bring one of those small portable chargers with you to keep your phone on at all times. It’s probably going to be such a useful device as you will record so many videos and take so many pictures that day.

7. Make sure to read the rules/policies of the festival.

It’s important you do this so you’re aware what you can bring and what you can’t bring in that day. For example, a GoPro, a selfie stick, or DSLR camera may not be allowed in some festivals.

8. It will get super hot and sweaty in the middle of the crowds.

This is something that everyone will have to get used to in any concert. Just make sure you’re hydrated at all times. If it’s so bad, you can move somewhere in the crowd or out of the crowd. Make sure you let your friends know where you will be going to stand or if they can come with you.

Enjoying some fresh air out of the crowds in Electric Zoo

9. Bring enough money with you to eat or grab a drink.

You’re going to probably be at a festival all day and you will get hungry. Some foods are unreasonably overpriced and expensive at festivals so make sure you bring some money with you to cover those costs.

10. Take advantage of all the cool things the festival has to offer.

Some festivals will have rides people can go on; try at least one out! There will also be some cool promotional tents or booths out there that will give out samples of their products. Go there and take some! Some of them also come with some cool swag like sunglasses, glow or LED sticks (perfect to use for the festival), etc.


11. Enjoy yourself! Meet people! Dance!

This is self-explanatory and the most important thing to do to make it a positive experience.

I hope this guideline was helpful. If it isn’t your first time and you’re reading this, if you know someone whose first time is coming soon, make sure to share this post with them.

When I worked at EDC once and the festival hasn’t opened yet

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