How to Open Your Heart Up to New Things and Experiences

We feel so used to being in our comfort zones. As humans, we enjoy being around people we are comfortable with and going to places where it serves us comfort. Comfort to us means being safe, being around things you’re used to doing, and talking to the same people. But when we get too comfortable, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing when you are willing to seek and try for change. We can say we are going to do something but when do we really do it? Whether you’re looking to accept new relationships and new places in your life, this all starts within you. You ARE the person who can be in control of change and you ARE the person who can open up a whole new level of trust.

Last year, my family and I finally moved out of the house I have lived in since I was 9 years old. I made so many memories in there but it hit me that I was moving as the emptier my house looked. Now, I’m living in a rented house not too far from that old house. I like the new surroundings and I easily accepted this as my new home. This also gave me the same feelings when I transitioned from one college to another. At first, I was missing my community college than being in a university. Now I have no choice but to accept that this will be part of my future and I’m starting to like it and get used to it.

People can go through problems of trying to accept a new home to live in and a new school to attend to like me. It can take more time for them too. Some people make new friendships and get into a new relationship with a person but there is no depth and it has not gotten to the affective exchange stage yet. Maybe you are one of those people and are feeling lost on how to gain a better sense of openness.

Here are some ways that can help develop courage in your heart to be brave and to shake the feelings of mundane comfort to take part in changes:

1. Let go of the past.

This is a very common phrase that everyone hears of but it’s certainly true. Holding onto a past that you believe was a good one but it is no longer there to serve you can a toll on future relationships and growth in yourself.

2. Learn to face fears.

Maybe you’ve written a great inspiring speech and want to do public speaking in front of a crowd or you want to go on roller coasters but you know you feel extreme nervousness. Just make yourself do these fears to say that you faced or experienced it. That can help build your confidence more and make you believe you can do something when you thought you couldn’t.

3. Meet people but also connect with them.

For example, if you’re in a new internship and you work with other interns, talk to people that are at the same position you’re in. Relate with them and build a different connection with them by making plans to get lunch with them. This is a good way to get to know others and a start to possible friendships or partnerships.

4. Explore things that interest you.

The things that you like or always desired of trying are the things that you will most likely resort to doing. Why not add a collection to it? For example, let’s say you used to live in a city where you always went to the museums around you but since you moved you have felt no desire to see anything since you feel like you’re in a completely different place. Why don’t you look up the museums near your new city and tour them?

5. Try different things and maybe you’ll find new interests.

This could be the opposite from above. Do something that you have never thought of doing but something you can just try, at least once. For example, you’ve never ate Indian food before, but you decided to go try it for the first time in a restaurant and you decided Indian food is your most favorite type of food. It’s things like that that surprise your curiosity that can make you want to explore more of it.

6. Trust yourself and give love to yourself. Motivate yourself.

Think positive of yourself and believe that your wellbeing is important. Treat your mind and body with respect. With a positive and motivated mindset, you will make people believe you are open to them as you are open to yourself.

7. Understand chances and understand that our life will not be here forever on Earth.

What if you were given a once-in-a-life time opportunity? Like for example, you have a job that asked you if you can go traveling to a place for work, everything is all paid for in expense but you’ve never really traveled and are afraid to do it. Think about how you won’t have another time to do this specific thing again and that you are given this only time to do it. Why not try to do it? What if this is a one time thing only? You’ll thank yourself and have stories to tell.

I hope these simple tips can make you more acceptable toward changes and to trying new opportunities. Don’t hold yourself back in anything you believe will promote positivity even if it’s something you’re afraid of, for some reason. Open your heart up and I promise you that it will reward your heart. ❤️

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  1. charandtheweb

    Letting go of the past! YES! I just can’t seem to let certain things go, which is a problem, because it means I keep thinking about things. I’m working on it haha. I’m a big believer of the notion that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, so I’m all for self confidence and self love. Once you’re ok with yourself, it feels like you could take on the world. It all starts with that foundation. Great read, and very good points.

    I’d love to feature your article on because I think it’ll definitely speak to our audience. Would you be interested in becoming a Creator? I’d love to give you some more information so feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Hope to hear from you.

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