How to Pack Just a Backpack For a Trip

Paying for checked-in luggage can be pricey and in the majority of the airlines, it costs $25+ per luggage and then another going back. Sometimes, it can be more, and sometimes, some airlines restrict you from carrying small luggage as a carry-on, so a backpack may be the best option. It’s definitely a money saver if you can manage to just bring a backpack of your items as a carry-on.

Many people get away with just packing with a backpack on a trip and I used to think how amazing it would to one day just try it out! It embodies the concept of minimalism and it lessens the hassle of huge luggage. I used to not think this was possible but the more I flew, the fewer items I realized I would bring each time around. Whenever I flew to see my family out in Arizona, I’ve been told by them and a couple of strangers that I packed pretty light for my luggage. On my recent trip going to San Francisco, I tried it out and mastered it.

Here are ways on how you can make this work for you:

1. Choose a backpack that can be expandable, functional, and one that can fit up to the size of 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

Your backpack will make the biggest difference in making this as a carry-on successful. Make sure you use a backpack that can expand as your things can have more room for it. Also having a more functional backpack with more pockets inside of it will help as dividers and if you’re planning to bring your own water bottle, it would be helpful to have a backpack with a pocket on the side.

2. Put a lot of your liquids and gels in TSA-approved tubes.

Not all liquids and gels need to be in TSA-approved tubes but there is a strict rule on how big the containers of your liquids and gels can be or else you’ll risk the item from getting thrown out. Also, place these TSA-approved tubes in a clear bag and make sure they can all fit within it. Some of these things you may be want to consider putting in TSA-approved tubes are your shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, body wash, foundation, liquid soap, lotion, sunscreen, make-up remover cleansers, and anything that would be of liquid or gel.

3. Or you can buy travel-friendly-sized containers!

If you go to your local grocery store and head to the personal or beauty department, you will usually find an aisle with travel-friendly-sized bottles. It can also sell singular TSA-approved tubes instead of a set. You’ll find brands ranging from your shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, and more. With makeup, most of them are in already smaller-sized packaging and can get away in your carry-on. Mostly the foundation should be placed in those TSA-approved tubes and remember, powders are fine.

4. Military roll your clothes!

This is one of the biggest tips and tricks on how to fit all your clothes into a backpack. Besides not having a lot of clothes to bring, you can simply take your pants, tops, shorts, and whatever it may then roll it up together as shown below. This is a much effective way to place your clothes in instead of folding them.

5. Think again about what items are truly important to bring.

Sometimes we get carried away with packing and just jam whatever in our backpacks, but the golden rule here is to really ask yourself “Is this something I can really use or need through my trip?” Also, do not bring more shoes and clothes than necessary. Having style seems cool but you can still pick out pieces that work out without adding more things on top.

6. Make sure you leave a little bit of space for your tech or souvenirs.

Whatever it may be, try to leave space in your backpack for those important tech gadgets you’d use to capture your new adventures.

7. Use organizers or organizing cubes or bags.

Staying organized is key to packing things within a backpack! I would highly recommend getting one of these to keep your things in place and it’s also a great way to squeeze things in. If you use these and do the military roll way with your items, then that makes your items even more compact and not have the possibility to expand.

It may seem hard at first and you may feel your back in pain for a little bit while walking around with your backpack but sometimes it’s worth doing that if you want to be financially conscious while traveling. However, following these simple tips will allow you to travel with less and feel the positivity of minimalism.

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