Las Vegas, Nevada: Staying In Aria Resort and Casino

In the summer, when my family and I took a road trip all throughout Arizona, we left the state to go to our next stop, Las Vegas, Nevada. While I’ve been here a couple times when I was younger, experiencing it as an adult is a lot different. I also have family from this state (yeah, they’re almost everywhere in the west coast!). My parents, one of my older sisters, and my older cousin all arrived at Aria, a luxury resort and casino. Aria is located on the Las Vegas Strip and it is known for its exterior and interior design. It has advanced hotel rooms because there are actually ‘smart’ hotel rooms that will turn off unused lights, adjust curtains for you, and automatically regulate the temperature. TALK about how modern and how futuristic this all sounds!

This fountain is in the entrance outside of the hotel
These fancy bird chairs were outside the hotel and there was also a wall of fountain running against the walls

When we first arrived there, we were intrigued by the architecture of the building. We then walked right into the main entrance inside and into the lobby, it was just so beautiful from the floor to the top. I couldn’t wait to see what else was in here. After my parents checked in at the desk and got our room keys, we had to walk by the casino to go to the elevators and I couldn’t believe this was all in one floor. Every acre was accompanied by something, it was HUGE!

The lobby of Aria Resort and Casino
A visual display in the lobby

Before we took the elevators to get to our hotel floor, there was a guard that had to check our hotel cards before we can even proceed to use the elevators. Once they checked it, we hopped on and when we got off, we saw the hallways were crazy luxurious alone. We had gotten ourselves a Sky Suite, which is basically the VIP level of suite rooms (think a bit of The Hangover movie’s suite). We opened the door and damn, it was a beautiful suite. The last time I went to see a suite room this huge was when I was 8 and my family and I stayed at the Bellagio hotel for my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas.

The living room and dining room on top; one of the bedrooms on the bottom


All of us were so amazed at how everything was furnished and our suite was designed with accents of black, green, dark gray, and white. Of course, when you arrive at a suite, the first thing you want to do besides laying down your stuff is opening the curtains to see the view. We didn’t even have to open the curtains manually because there was a single button on the wall to open the curtains for us!! This is why this hotel was known to have ‘smart rooms’.


There was three bathrooms in this one suite alone. One by the door when you first get in, one in one bedroom, and another one in the other bedroom. There is even a sink by the dining table and the counter was displaying alcohols and drinks ready to be provided (we didn’t touch it because you have to pay for those).

The counter featuring some alcohol ;)
On the top is the bathroom for the bedroom featured in the other picture; on the middle is the bedroom where my sister and I would sleep in; on the bottom is the bathroom for our bedroom
The suite’s bathrooms displayed this vanity kit box of shaving essentials and bath essentials as well as other things that can be useful

The bathroom was the epitome of comfort and luxury. Two of the bathrooms featured a vanity kit box and you are surrounded by vanity tables and mirrors in each corner (how can you leave the place looking like a mess with all this, after all?!) The toilet stall also had its separate little space. The best part of these toilets? You have a bidet to clean yourself up after doing a little business in the toilet! And the toilet seats are automatically warming up your buns when you sit down, no joke!

The bidet options and the telephone in the toilet stall

After admiring our Sky Suite, we went to one of the buffets. It was a grand place and it was so huge, the restaurant was like a floor for itself. They offered a variety of great foods, from vegetarian choices to all-you-can-eat meat and a little of something for American foods and desserts.


The next day, we relaxed in our suite (I mostly did) while my cousin and my sister went to exercise and do a little exploring. There was a pool party going on, which I unfortunately missed out on but my sister got to go. Afterwards, my cousin and I met up with her and we hung out at the pool side for a while. We actually had to go to the pool, which is only meant for Sky Suite members. They were handing out delicious hot tea by the poolside and we met and talked to the poolside workers for a while. I also ordered myself this super delicious avocado espresso smoothie! Yes, there is espresso in this avocado smoothie… the combination was tasty and it did wake me up!

Staircase that had an urban structure, my sister and I took a couple photos here before we were asked to get away from this area (whoops!)
Poolside chillin’
The avocado-espresso smoothie. “This is how we vegas.”

After hanging by the poolside, my sister, my cousin, and I went drove out of the hotel to explore the Las Vegas Strip. My sister got a spontaneous tattoo (lol what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, true?) and then afterwards we went to a couple shops by the streets. When we arrived back, at night my sister and I went to explore a mall nearby the hotel and we went to go to see these stores BUT we couldn’t buy anything there but did some ‘window shopping’. They were all the designers you could think of: Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Prada, etc. The rest of family went to gamble (my sister and I don’t like to gamble). Afterwards, my family and I all had plans to meet up for dinner. We went to eat at Blossom, a traditional Chinese restaurant in the Aria hotel where everything was dim but it gave a luxurious dining experience. I ordered myself a rib eyed steak with tamarind sauce (super delicious and filling!).

Hanging out in one part of the lobby before dinner
My order of rib eyed steak and tamarind sauce in Blossom restaurant

The next day, we were all ready to leave Aria casino and resort to catch our plane ride back home. It was a good way to end the vacation. There is so much to see and do to experience Las Vegas in this hotel. I highly recommend you go try out this hotel to have a feel for luxury.

The view from our suite in the morning


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