16 Most Unique Things to See in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those cities you’ll always want to find yourself doing something in when you visit. Las Vegas, Nevada has become a second home for my family now since my mom moved over there. it’s become a place to come visit and hang out with, along with visiting extended family as my aunts also live there. Whether you’re traveling to Las Vegas for the first time or your 100th time, you may have not taken advantage of the fun entertaining things that the city has to offer! And it’s not just for partying or gambling. The most unique things to do in Las Vegas that I have listed below can be considered family-friendly things.

1. Cirque du Soleil

You may have seen plenty of ads around this show, but Cirque du Soleil is definitely worth seeing. I know for years since I’ve been visiting Las Vegas since I was a kid I saw the ads for these but 20+ years later, I know now the hype is worth it. Cirque Du Soleil is a circus-like show that includes acrobat performers with continuous music and interchangeable props through the show. The show I got to see is The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage Hotel. Sadly, this show no longer exists with the closure of the Mirage Hotel. But this show blew my mind with the psychedelic vibrant setting filled with confetti, themes, stories, trampoline and roller skate acts, and light effects. Other Cirque Du Soleil shows will be very similar with the exciting effects.

The Beatles LOVE show in Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas

2. Princess Diana and the Royals Exhibit

Located in ARIA Resort’s The Shops at Crystals, Princess Diana and the Royals Exhibit is such  a beautiful dedication to the late Princess Diana. You’ll get to learn about her stories, her upbringing, and see some of her authentic personal belongings including some of the dresses she’s worn. There are so many artifacts to find from her and her royal family here, and some of what you’ll see here is a witness to her contribution towards humanity. Highly recommend visiting this exhibit if you are a fan of history and are fascinated by the Royal Family.

3. Titanic Exhibit in Luxor Hotel

There are actually a few interesting exhibits in Luxor Hotel (like the controversial ‘Bodies’ museum and King Tut’s Tomb museum), but this one was worth bragging about here. I loved the Titanic Exhibit, especially if you’re fans of the movie or the actual historical event! 

Somehow, I’ve had a connection to the Titanic since I was young and seen the sight of the graveyard where the actual victims are buried in Halifax, Canada. The museum here brings you to read about the stories of the passengers, simulations of the ship (including how third class looked and the deck), and actual artifacts uncovered from the ship, including the biggest piece to have been recovered, which is a hull from the ship where you can see how the portholes shattered too. You are also given a card at the beginning of your tour here where it details information of an actual passenger and towards the end of your tour, you can find out if the passenger was a victim or survivor of Titanic.

Titanic Exhibit in Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
The biggest artifact recovered from the Titanic Ship
The biggest artifact recovered from the Titanic
@from1girlto1world The #Titanic: Artifact Exhibition in 📍Las Vegas and Luxor Hotel and Casino is one of the best museums I’ve been to in my life. It features sooo many real artifacts recovered from the ship 🚢 and you learn so much from walking through their exhibit. It’s so worth the visit and my mom and I loved it! You’ll learn stories of some of their passengers, learn about the passenger from the ticket you are given, what it was like to be a first, second, and third class passenger, the events leading up to the iceberg hit, and so much more. With some of their amazing recreated rooms, you’ll feel like a passenger of the ship yourself. And you’ll get real up close to their biggest artifact as well as some valuable artifacts and you’ll be taken back to historical time with seeing what some of their passengers carried through that ship. Would you go here? #lasvegas #museums #visitlasvegas #titanicmuseum #titanicmovie #historical #history #travelblogger #travelstories #travelwithme #travelwriter #bloggers #femaleblogger #adventureanywhere #girlswhoexplore #sayyestonewadventures #sheexplores #FYP #liveauthentic #liveyourbestlifenow #historicpreservation #travelnevada #lasvegaslocals #familyfriendly #fridayfeeling #fridaymood #museumsoftiktok #museumsoftheworld #titanicedits #bestoftheday #bestdiscovery #bestfinds ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

4. STRAT Skypod

One of the best views to see at night is from the top of the Strat Hotel and Casino Tower. This is an observation deck that connects inside the hotel called the Skypod. This is a total Vegas experience and inside, you can find a bar to order some drinks and an option to dine in here with their 360-degree revolving dining room. On the observation deck, there are thrilling rides to find there such as the Big Shot, a ride that shoots you up 160 feet up in the air, Insanity, a ride that spins and lets you dangle, and the heart-jumping experience of what it’s like to leap off the observation deck called the Skyjump.

5. Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

Ever heard of the term “divorce ranches”? I have not either until I visited this park in Las Vegas! Divorce ranches were known in Las Vegas back then for the people who were seeking divorces, but in order for them to move along the process, they would need to establish residency which a divorce ranch can give them a 6-week residency established, just like in Floyd Lamb Park. This park is now a 680-acre public city park and there are historic ranch homes, freshwater fishing lakes, geese and peacocks to see here. Yes, peacocks.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs, Las Vegas
@from1girlto1world Happy 1st Day of Fall y’all 🍁 Did you know there was a thing called “divorce ranches” back in the day?! Divorce ranches were known in #LasVegas for people who were seeking divorces by establishing a six-week residency. There, people also got to enjoy life with swimming, fishing, horseback riding, walking around and getting fresh air. Not a bad place to get your mind off stuff for a bit from your usual home I guess. This park 📍 Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs used to be a divorce ranch (and a cattle ranch). Now, it is a public city park. It’s definitely worth checking out for its historic buildings and cute ranch homes and to get some fresh air by the freshwater fishing lakes. Although this video was taken back in April, it’s always nice to visit the park all year round and it gets better during this time of the year with these trees changing colors (into orange leaves). #lasvegasnevada #travelnevada #parks #travelblogger #travelstories #travelwithme #travelwriter #bloggers #femaleblogger #adventureanywhere #girlswhoexplore #sayyestonewadventures #sheexplores #outdoortherapy #outdooradventures #explorepage #liveauthentic #liveyourbestlifenow #reeltoreel #travelreels #creativelifehappylife #findyourpark #historichomes #historicpreservation #historic #nevadadesert #getoutside #getoutdoors #exploremore #lakes #wildlifeonearth ♬ September – Earth, Wind & Fire

6. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio Hotel and Casino changes up their 14,000-square-foot botanical garden there each season with the Horticulture and Engineering team transforming it with their talent. This botanical garden is amazing each season and breathtaking details taking place through the various themes of the season from spring, summer, fall, and winter. They feature florals that become repurposed with sustainability in mind. It is free to enter through the Botanical Garden, but there may be lots of crowds as people put this high on their list to witness the work.

Christmas 2022 Display in Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Las Vegas
Christmas 2022 Display in Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

7. Fountains of Bellagio

If you’re still around the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, you need to check out this iconic attraction at the Las Vegas Strip that is free to watch. This is a musical fountain show on a man-made lake and it shoots up pretty high, as high as 460 feet! It’s so beautiful to watch every time especially with the music that plays with the fountains makes it aesthetically pleasing to watch. They are scheduled every Monday to Friday from 3pm-6:30pm every half an hour and then from 7pm-12am it comes every 15 minutes.

Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas

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8. High Roller

You might spot this high ferris wheel around the views of Las Vegas and it is the High Roller, the largest observation wheel in North America. This High Roller is 550-foot tall, located in the LINQ Hotel and it is operated by Caesars Entertainment. This ferris wheel features spacious enclosed cabins and takes you around for 30 minutes for one revolution to get 360-degree views. What makes High Roller different from a regular ferrish wheel is that it’s a very modern take on a wheel, being able to have a pod capacity of 40 people where as the ferris wheel only has seats fit for two people.

9. Area15

Considered as a retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas, Area15 has multiple attractions, immersive art installations, bars, food, and retail. This area is highly immersive and monumental with a lot to see. The entrance to Area15 is free during the daytime but there are late-night $15 fee entries for only those 21+ on Fridays and Saturdays. 

10. Fremont Street Experience

Considered a pedestrian mall and attraction, Fremont Street Experience is a central epitome of the city of Las Vegas. There are a lot of entertainment with street dancers and musicians and some casinos with food and shops to find lined up in this busy lively spot. Stick around to the Viva Vision light shows, which starts at 6pm, and you can watch one of the largest LED canopy screen in the world that uses 49.3 million energy-efficient LED lamps. The screen is so interactive with so many different types of shows, including ones where they feature big artists and hit songs.

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

11. Go eat and bowling at Red Rock Casino and Suncoast Hotel & Casino

I come from a family of bowlers and we find bowling a great family bonding activity as well as a fun sport. If you’re looking for some family-friendly bowling, I really enjoy these spots for it: Red Rock Casino’s Red Rock Lanes and Suncoast Hotel and Casino’s Suncoast Bowling Center. In these bowling places, they also offer food and some bites as you have the opportunity to bowl. You could also go inside the casinos and sit down at one of their restaurants too. In Suncoast Bowling Center, there is also a video arcade.

12. Gondola ride at The Venetian

Probably one of the most known sights when you watch a promotion of it somewhere, but The Venetian does have this experience of offering gondola rides to make you feel like you’re in Italy. You have two options to get on a gondola ride: indoor and outdoors. Both have a nice feel to them; the indoor has a dimmed atmosphere to it where you can pass by indoor patio restaurants, while the outdoor is great for experiencing the day time and to have views of the Strip.

13. The Neon Museum

This museum is like a graveyard for the neon signs of old businesses and casinos in Las Vegas. The Neon Museum can be a highly populated spot, so they do recommend buying your tickets in advanced. The Neon Museum is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving, collecting, and studying Las Vegas signs for educational and historic purpose. Their sign displays range from the years of 1930s to present day and many of them were restored and light up.

14. Pinball Hall of Fame

Another museum for things that were commonly found in Las Vegas, this time it’s for pinball machines, but it’s almost like an arcade and it is free entrance. Pinball Hall of Fame is a non-profit museum that display the largest collection of pinball machines ranging from the years of 1950s up to 1990s. These pinball machines are playable and were restored to like-new condition and only require a few cents to play them. 

15. The Mob Museum

If you enjoy the history of organized crime and mobs, you will love The Mob Museum. It has 4 curated floors with multimedia displays, artifacts, and exhibits. It also stores a restored former US Post Office and Courthouse as the home of the museum. The museum has many stories to educate of the notorious mobs and criminals and have played a major role in the community of Las Vegas by having programs, field trips, and a variety of events that can be hosted there.

16. Red Rock Canyon

Although technically a few miles outside of Las Vegas, I had to list some nature spot on this list! And Red Rock Canyon is unique. Featuring some of the world’s beautiful geology from its formations to the natural beauty and vivid striking colors of the rocks, and it has 13-mile scenic drive. You can explore the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon through their numerous hiking trails, but because Red Rock can be highly populated, it is recommended to pay for a timed-entry pass in advance before trying to go to the Scenic Loop and it is kind of recommended to go see Red Rock Canyon within half a day at least, since there are so many gorgeous spots!

Red Rock Canyon by Las Vegas

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