Amazing Midcentury Airbnbs in California and Arizona

I’ve been a big fan of midcentury interior for a long time now. Unintentionally, I did not realize how drawn I was to it when I stayed in some airbnbs that displayed that look in them. I decided to share with you with some of those airbnbs I stayed in, which were all positive experiences, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing them with you here! 

Midcentury interior (or midcentury modern) embodies the mid-20th century (from 1945 to 1969) design that features simple, functional, and wooden furniture that focuses on clean lines too. Some midcentury interior does feature a bright accent color that adds more of the modernism to the design. I think having wood pieces is a must in homes because it is just timeless and balances colors, along with other substantial pieces like metal or glass. 

I swear I should’ve lived back in the day when this type of style appeals to me, along with the curiosity for how it used to be back, with my love for older movies and music.

Anyways, along with reviewing these airbnbs, I included ideas like activities and excursions near them to make the most of your exploration and travel plans.

Williams, Arizona: King Bed Grand Canyon Desert Cabin

Midcentury cabin home in Williams, Arizona

This Airbnb cabin in Northern Arizona in the city of Williams, Arizona was the location to celebrate my birthday this year. I loved staying in this Airbnb and I have to say it was the most perfect cabin for my “winter getaway” for my birthday. It accommodates up to 8 people, so I recommend this if you’re going to have your big family come or a group of your friends.

There is not much around it but plain nature and the road, with other homes being miles away from each other, but you really get privacy out of it. The house stood out to me the minute I found it in my search and it was nicer in person than the pictures tbh. My friends loved it too and we had a great time celebrating my birthday here! 

It is super homey and cozy. I love that there is a legit fireplace to make it warmer. It had almost all of the utensils and kitchen tools we needed. My favorite part of this whole cabin Airbnb experience was the views you can see through the A-frame windows. Seeing the powdery shimmering snow, whether it’s sunrise or daytime, added such a magical experience. Another magical experience when staying here is seeing how bright the stars really shine from here.

Some of my friends and I slept upstairs and it stayed warm the whole time and all of the beds were super comfortable, even according to my friends who slept downstairs.I love that they displayed elements of the Grand Canyon, such as photography frames of them, that I can see was honored in this cabin.

Things to Do Nearby

On the day of my birthday, we went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. This deer farm is a must! We pet and fed deers (specifically the fawns), and then we saw other several animals there like a bison, zonkeys (that is a zebra and donkey mixed breed!), coatimundis, porcupine, reindeer, goats and camels.

30 minutes away from the airbnb is Grand Canyon National Park! If you haven’t checked out the national park yet, then this is your sign to look into booking this airbnb. Not too far from this airbnb is the city of Flagstaff. I recommend going to downtown Flagstaff because there’s some great eateries to find there, it’s close to the Snowbowl which is the area for skiing and snowboarding, and there are some beautiful hiking trails around there.

Pasadena, California: Spanish Cottage in the Beautiful Pasadena Area

Midcentury Spanish Cottage Airbnb home

This airbnb does look like a Spanish cottage from the outside, but in the inside, you are presented with a midcentury modern home. My siblings and I picked out to stay in this airbnb to celebrate Thanksgiving this year for our family and family friends. This home is tiny (it’s in Los Angeles, what can you expect haha?) but mighty in its interior. There are dark evergreen colored walls that mixes so well with the green patterned wallpaper. 

The black marble dining table was a center piece of the whole home and the extended room where the backyard is connected to is a cozy little spot. I even used its props found there to make a fun photoshoot in their backyard. A fun fact about this home is that it was built in 1926! So the kitchens are remodeled, but with the midcentury modern interior, the midcentury adds elements that look like it’s back in the day.

Things to Do Nearby

My family and I loved the Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trail that is not far from this airbnb. Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trail is a very popular hiking trail in Los Angeles. It is a 3.5 mile out-and-back hike that has streams flowing down river beds as you approach it, and then it leads out to a waterfall. I recommend bringing water shoes in addition to your hiking shoes, in case you want to play in the water and there’s a point you will have to come in contact with the water.

South Pasadena, California: Private space/Treehouse in a Midcentury Home

Pasadena, California airbnb home

Another airbnb located in Pasadena, this airbnb is located on the top of the hill in such a narrow road. But when you are there, you can overlook a lot of nature with foliage from the backyard and in the summer, it’s almost like you’re in a jungle. The neighborhood is also decked with some amazing flora. The airbnb is shared with the owner though but you still have the opportunity to hangout in their midcentury living room and their back patio is also okay for you to hangout at. The house is sectioned off for the guests to enjoy their private space upstairs by the front door. There’s two rooms up there with a shared bathroom and it’s a cozy spot for the guests.

Things to Do Nearby

Highland Park is close to this airbnb. It is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that has a range of restaurants, bars, music venues and shops. You’ll identify it through its “Highland Park” sign that sticks out in the distance. It is home to LA’s oldest bowling alley, Highland Park Bowl, since 1927. In a lot of shops here, you can find bohemian, retro, and vintage clothing, decor, and furniture. If you’re looking for a burger place that isn’t In-n-Out or over-the-top in prices, you need to try Burgerlords. I recommend trying their vegan milkshakes and the Double Oklahoma Smash Burger. A good dessert place to go to after with a short walk distance from Burgerlords is Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Tempe, Arizona: Stylish Family Home w/ Heated Pool & BBQ!

My immediate family and I rented this to celebrate the 1-year passing of my dad (my dad is buried in Arizona). This was probably one of the best airbnbs that was very homey and the entire home is available to be rented too. I loved how each room was thoughtfully designed as well as the second you walk into the home. It is definitely mixed with modern with midcentury, with many patterns contrasting the vintage-like pieces. I wrote a whole review of this family home airbnb on this blog post.

Things to Do Nearby

There are some really great cities near this airbnb and Tempe (the city of the airbnb) is also great. In Tempe, you need to go to Downtown Tempe and Tempe Towne Lake. You should also check out Scottsdale; I have a whole guide blog post of ideas of what to check out in Scottsdale. In Phoenix, Papago Park and Downtown Phoenix is worth exploring. This airbnb has a few stadiums in relative distance from it especially when it is spring training season. Check out the review blog post I linked above to get more recommendations!

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