Queens, New York: Visiting New World Mall

What I love about New York is the cultural diversity of people in there. You can go to so many different parts around New York and always feel like it’s a different atmosphere, whichever part you end up in. Yesterday, my family and I went to New York to visit my aunt while she is recovering from two heart surgeries. We met up with my uncle and his family and my uncle suggested this place for us to go eat at.

New World Mall

This place is called New World Mall located in Flushing, Queens, New York. This 165,000 square foot location is located on Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street. Before New World Mall was built, it was empty for a long time but a group of Chinese businessmen decided to lease the area and they had this vision to construct the largest indoor Asian Mall on the east coast.

When looking for this place, it’s not too hard to find because it’s a huge building with a unique glass infrastructure. Like most busy places in New York, the streets will be filled with many crowds of people walking, but don’t be discouraged, because New World is something to visit. When you walk in, you automatically believe you’re in a mall in East Asia. Nearly all the stores and advertisements were filled with East Asian stores and writing. This mall is known to have Asian food markets, karaoke lounges, retail stores, and dim sum eateries.



In the basement of the mall was the food court. There were a variety of dim sum foods and Asian styled fresh drinks to choose from. Ranging from Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and to Chinese, there is so much options to turn to.




We decided to go for some Japanese stir fry. The good thing about these stir fry bars is you can choose any of the fresh vegetables and meats they offer that they will cook all together. Don’t ASK for mild spicy because I guarantee you that it will be HOT as heck already. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spicy food but mild to them is spicy on really hot levels. They will put a lot of chili peppers even with mild; it happened to our dish. But regardless, it was really good and filling.

Our yummy stir fry

Along with us eating that for dinner, I bought myself a Taiwanese bubble tea from Gong Cha. Gong Cha has a variety of SUPER delicious flavors to choose from and their drinks also range from brewed tea, coffee, tea lattes, and slushes (check the menu out here). I decided to get myself the Earl Grey Tea with pudding, jelly, and boba. One of the best bubble teas I have ever had.


Gong Cha is one of the best in making bubble teas.

While we, unfortunately, did not explore the rest of the mall due to the fact we had another family emergency going on and we had to leave after eating, I cannot wait to go back to this place to eat more delicious Asian foods. I also didn’t get the chance to explore the supermarket and retail stores. I highly recommend you visit this if you want to be surrounded by East Asian culinary and goods. I heard on some good days, they will give out free food samples. 😉


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  1. dephillipsl1

    I live in New Jersey, but haven’t spent much time in Queens. This sounds like a great place to visit for a lot of choices in one place.

    1. Gabrielle

      Same! I live in New Jersey! I was born in Queens and have family there and there is definitely some places there worth visiting like this one. In this part of Queens (Flushing), it sometimes feel like you’re in South Asia! Love it.

  2. Lauren

    I’m gong to add this area to my bucket list for this summer.

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