Looking Back With My Mother on Some of Her Adventures

Our parents are our first best friends since birth. Sometimes, I feel like a part of me resembles my parents or the things I am are because it was inherited or learnt from my parents. Today, my mom pulled up a couple old pictures and shared them with me and I want to share them with you. These pictures of her were from some of her travels/adventures back in the 1980’s. I always get a joy looking at old family photos and looking at vintage videos and pictures. I can see where I get the curiosity to want to explore places.

My mother at a port in New York (I don’t know the name of this place)
My mother in front of the fountains in Six Flags in New Jersey (I really like that anchor sweater she’s sporting)
My parents taking a stroll in the Atlantic City Boardwalk (lol at my dad’s long hair)
My mother and my older cousin in Baguio City, Philippines. Baguio City is a place in the Philippines with a beautiful mountain scenery. You might be able to see the mountains in the background, covered by fog.

For a better viewing of the place, here’s an idea how it looks:

Photo Credit: CNNPhilippines.com
Here my mom is horse riding through the mountains. (Excuse the disillusion of the picture; it was caused by water damage)
My mom is standing here on top of one of the World Trade Centers in New York on an observation roof, long before the tragic incident of 9/11
And here is a picture of my mom in Disney World in Florida with one of the Chip n’ Dale characters

I’m pretty sure there are so many more of her old pictures like this but hidden somewhere. It’s crazy to look back 30-40 years ago on these physical photos. They’re all bittersweet memories. Try to see if you can find old pictures of your mom and ask her about her stories!

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  1. Mad Hatters NYC

    Great pics! It really is fun to see who your parents were when they were younger 🙂

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