Reasons Why Summer Makes Us Happier

After long dreadful winters, most of us get anxious and can’t stand the winter weather anymore. It feels so cold and dark and we feel the need to be so isolated in our houses with the heater on. The rush of the cold breeze of air hitting our faces can feel brutal. I noticed during spring and summer days I am a lot more vibrant, happier, and motivated and the weather certainly can play a factor in that.

Here are some scientific reasons and obvious reasons why summer tends to make people happier.

It makes us want to eat more fruits.

After swimming in the pool waters or on a nice beach day, having some fruits can be ideal. We might overindulge in a bowl of fruits instead and having it fresh on a warm day is even more enjoyable. We know that fruits are full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that our body needs, and healthier digestion does good for our brains and bodies. So eat fruits, drink smoothies, and have your greens with them!

There are more outdoor activities you can do.

You can bike around more in the warmth, jog around in shorts and a tank top and in the woods, on open pathways, or at the park, do more water activities in the pool or in the beach, play some sports with friends, and hike trails. The options are endless and the summer may definitely want to keep you out.

The sun can be a source of happiness and health.

With the sun being out most of the time and in much longer intervals, sunlight can actually increase serotonin levels. It is, after all, a source of vitamin D, and vitamin D has health benefits like reducing colon, kidney, breast cancer, and heart disease. If you have a deficiency, it’s time to seek out some of that vitamin D. The sun is also good for treating body aches like muscle stiffness and arthritis.

You can have less sleep during the summer but still feel very lively.

In the cold and dark days of winter, the hormone melatonin is often released because of the lack of natural light. Melatonin helps with our sleep and too much sleep (8 hours is the healthiest amount to have) can be bad, which you probably noticed you sleep more during the winter. But in the summer, it can be regulated. We see more natural light from sunny summer days and we can easily be woken up with sunshine peeking through our windows. This definitely explains why I would wake up with no absolute problem early on and makes me, even more, want to go do something!

The sand on the beach can naturally exfoliate your skin and walking on the sand can help you burn calories.

The sand on the beach is one of Mother Earth’s blessings. It’s no wonder why my skin feels like it’s glowing and softer. I learned from a younger girl that I met from my Bahamas trip that where she goes camping for the summer, a group of her peers were given an activity to cover their whole body with wet sand all over their body and then rub it on to their skin to exfoliate it. Exfoliating your skin can strip away dead skin cells.

Although, you would want to avoid rubbing it on your face as it can be too harsh for your face. Also, you might notice that when you’re walking in the sand, it’s nearly impossible to run because your feet are always dug into the sand, but the sand can help you use your leg strength more and work out and tone those muscles on your legs more.

We consume more water.

Being out in the sun and heat too long can make us sweat and dehydrated. That’s why we often feel the need to drink more water and always have a water bottle with us. Water regulates our body temperature and helps with our digestion more. Water is also key to flush away toxins in our bodies and keep our skin looking great.

And while there are probably a lot more reasons that create your happiness in the summer, whether it’s taking a vacation or being dark and tan, summer can prove to be one of the best seasons to keep us healthy and sane. Though I was born a winter baby, I can honestly say summer makes me a whole lot happier and I love it.


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