The Best Hiking/Traveling Backpack That You Need

photo may 22, 5 21 50 pmSince I started this blog around February, a company sent me one of their products and its their Jetpack 20L backpack. Their backpack is by far one of the best things I ever owned and that is not a sponsored comment, this is truly my opinion. TravelMore created these backpacks and started it on Kickstarter. After being successfully funded with $48,754 on there and having shipped 1,000+ backpacks, the backpack has been officially launched as part of the company’s product. This backpack is truly one of the best things I bring with me wherever I go (hiking, camping, sleeping over at a different place… traveling in general…) and I decided to review it for you.


The Jetpack has a 20L capacity.. that’s about 5.30 gallons of liquid (think of it as almost equivalent to a heavy water jug!!). It’s water resistant, which is true! I’ve worn this backpack through heavy rains hiking to the Lulumahu Falls and all of my stuff was still very much dry in it. I’ve had it laid down on soaked areas and have had wet mud splattered on it and it’s came out dry inside each time. You can actually see some of the stains still on the handles below but I know this is washable (I am just too lazy to wash it). Not to mention, I have had my DSLR camera without a case or anything put in there with half-wet clothes (eeek!).


It is 100% collapsible so you can fold it as much as you want and it will be able to fit in another bag. My most favorite feature of this bag? It’s meant for the minimalist and the constant travelers so it’s LIGHTWEIGHT (YESS!! BIG YES!!). You can put so much things inside it like I have in the past few months and it is still very easy to carry around without feeling the heavy weight on you. This is great because I suffer from back problems and after a while of holding heavy weight onto my back, it’s a really unpleasant feeling. With this, you don’t have to worry about that all. I think that all traveling backpacks should be made to be like this. In the picture below, I have put a couple things inside my backpack like two notebooks, a folder, and a laptop case and it still felt like nothing was in there.

The vibrant and pretty colors of pink and purple make the backpack look girly yet sporty. The words “Travel More” on it adds a nice finish touch to it.

The backpack is also equipped with so many pockets. It will be easy to make use of each pocket as I find myself always needing a specific pocket for something especially when it comes to traveling. There’s a laptop pocket inside in the back, a zip-up small pocket on the back of the front side, a couple small slits on the laptop pocket (may be good to hold pens and makeup brushes and small tools there), a zip-up pocket on the left side outside the backpack, a 1-liter water bottle pocket holder on the right side outside, and a kangaroo pouch, which I find very useful for when I just want to throw something in my backpack without having to take my backpack off of me to zip something up.

Oh, and shout out to my friend Karan for that lovely charm hanging on the side pocket (he got it from his recent trip to Bermuda).

There are a number of buckles to the backpack and especially placed on areas that are needed for adjustment like the shoulder straps and a buckle going vertically across to hold the kangaroo pouch together. Reflectors are also seen on the front of it. I really find the buckle that hangs low (and colored orange) very useful when you’re hiking and walking for a long while because it’s more secured to your body, like shown in the picture below.

A tip that I need to mention is do you know those small “Silica” packets you find placed in new bags/backpacks? I’ve been told if you actually keep them in there for as long as you can, it can keep all your items very fresh by absorbing moisture and keeping things dry. So in actuality, do not try to throw them away!


Overall, I do highly recommend this backpack to anyone. It’s got such a sleek design and it’s made in amazing material as well as built to last. For only $54, this is probably one of the best investments you’ll make. It has saved me many times by keeping me organized and being able to know that my stuff are held safe. Plus who wouldn’t want to carry a backpack with a great life motto “Travel More”?!


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  1. Alpine Bear

    Nice Choice ! Black-light backpack is also a good kind of backpack especially for hiking and travelling since it is all made of Nylon (water resistant ,durable and light-weight than polyester.Black-light backpack can be expands 10 cm to 30 cm when you load up it.It can also be used in school ,college or office routine .

    1. Gabrielle

      Thanks! Yeah you’re right. The material is far more advanced and the reflections are very helpful on it.

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