Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Elopement Ideas

Planning a wedding can get overwhelming with the amount of details that you have to oversee. Weddings are lifetime moments that couples share. With a lot of planning to do, the props you choose can make a difference in all the little details that come with your photo shoots, parties, and the official wedding ceremony.

Have you ever considered using dried flower bouquets as a piece that won’t just last throughout your wedding but as a piece to always hold onto forever? Keep reading on ideas of how to make a dried bouquet work for you as well as elopement ideas if you’re considering one instead.

Just as a side note here and as you’re reading along, I am not getting married anytime soon, but I support my readers and friends who are planning on getting hitched and have decided to partner up with Jewel Sales Art to create this little fun guide and my bridal vision come alive in our outdoor photo shoot. (I did always want to get married, but I haven’t found the one yet to get that done with yet!)

Dried Flower Bouquets Make Perfect Wedding Bouquets

Flowers have a short shelf life. But, flowers can last forever with the choice of a dried bouquet. What is a dried flower bouquet? A dried flower bouquet is a floral bouquet that goes through the process of being in preserved condition. It’s a statement throughout the year.

What can you use dried flower bouquets for in regards to your wedding planning?

  • Engagement photo shoots
  • Proposal photo shoots
  • Wedding ceremony bouquet 
  • Wedding reception centerpieces

As you can see, these would all be wonderful and viable options of knowing how versatile using a dried flower bouquet can be. 

If you’re thinking you can use it for other events aside from wedding-related ones, you can also choose to just display them as home decor in a vase and use for other events like birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, graduations, proms, etc.

Choosing an Elopement Destination

An elopement can be your take than a traditional wedding. Elopements are generally considered when couples choose to “run away” and marry in a secretive fashion, but then again, elopements no longer just means that anymore. They can simply mean not having a lot of people to witness the wedding and maybe just having your photographer capture those special moments. 

There are a few reasons as to why an elopement can be a choice over a traditional wedding ceremony. One of the biggest ones is the couple would rather have a quiet and intimate wedding experience. One idea that comes along in an elopement is wanting to still dress up in the traditional wedding attires and exchange vows. 

If you’ve always dreamt of having your wedding take place in one of your dream destinations, eloping to it would make for a great idea. But, there are many destinations you can choose to elope with.

I’d stick with a place that you’ve always had in your bucket list or if you always imagined to get away in nature, there are the mountains to escape to (a scenic hike or a national park) and beaches or waterfalls to wander at. One of the most common places for an elopement is in the desert. 

Sedona in Arizona is considered a popular elopement destination as shown here in my pictures. Sedona’s red rock formations with the red soil combined with the variety of trees (especially pine trees) and then add a sunrise or sunset to it can be a place for couples to rejoice in matrimony. It is also beautiful to get your photography on and there are plenty of Airbnbs to find that will make a great stay. Then, you can consider the outdoor activities you can do too from hiking to swimming to off-roading.

Say “I Do” To A Dream Destination, Small Businesses, and Dried Flower Bouquets

One of the things you can consider doing when planning your wedding or elopement is considering supporting small businesses. There are many photographers that can help you plan out your elopement from start to finish with elopement packages (many can simply be found by looking on Instagram under #elopements). 

Small businesses you can also look to support are those who can complete the props and little details of your wedding like your outfits and jewelry and your experiences.

Having a dried flower bouquet can be a prop to your wedding used in many ways as I explained before. My sister, Jewel Sales, has her own art business, called Jewel Sales Art, where she creates unique bouquets as you see her (she also does customized portraits and paints her own work made into prints). You can buy from her shop or you can contact her for your own order.

In these pictures, you can see she uses different flowers and even a bleached white palm to add extra jazz to the whole bouquet. She can make them as full or small as you want it to and she can hold it together with twine to create a comfortable place for you to hold your wedding bouquet.

My sister Jewel, the creator of these bouquets and photographer of my photos here, is on the right

Hope this inspires you to think about what your elopement will be like and what you can add to your wedding like Jewel’s dried flower bouquets.

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