10 Romantic Date Ideas For Your Outdoorsy Partner

The idea of a romantic date may be different for someone who enjoys the outdoors vs. someone who is not. Personally, as an outdoorsy girl, I probably would not enjoy a dinner date in a crowded restaurant or a movie theater date as much as spending it outside or anything that revolves around that idea. Although, everyone is different of course! This post is targeted at your partner who falls on that preference.

Consider these ideas I’ve curated for the future whenever you’re looking for ideas to do with someone you’re dating who loves the outdoors. 

Let me know if you decide to do any of my creative ideas and how the experience goes!

Romantic Date Idea #1: Picnic date on top of a mountain 

This is the top of my list because this is something I always wanted to do for myself (but haven’t done it yet!). Plan a hike that leads to an elevated spot with views on top of a mountain but make sure to choose one that isn’t too intense (unless that’s something your partner and you can do). Bring a basket or pack some food into your backpack – a plus if you can bring a bottle of wine or champagne that you should be able to bring back down once finished. (Rule of thumb: Pack in what you pack out.) This will be enjoyable during the sunset! Keep in mind though if it gets too dark and if night hiking isn’t something you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, stick with daylight.

And if you live by beaches, that could be an option too. Picnic dates on beaches are just as beautiful.

Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas is a nice easy place to hike to and would be perfect for picnics (especially during sunset).

Romantic Date Idea #2: Camping trip 

A good ‘ol camping trip can be romantic in so many ways. You have nature, you can set up a fire, you have a tent to cozy up with your boo thang, and you’re in solitude with no one but you and your partner. Plan a camping trip with all your camping essentials and make sure to choose a place to camp out in only public camping grounds and if you’re stuck on how to find a great camping site, I’d look into using sites like Reserve America, Recreation.gov, and GoCampingAmerica for what you can find.

Camping in Mount Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

Romantic Date Idea #3: Candlelit dinner in the backyard at night

If you want something laidback, then having a night to just hang out in someone’s backyard is a great choice to do. Think about cooking a homemade dinner meal for your significant other and then setting up tea lights or hanging up outdoor tree lights, with of course some candles to consider displaying with your meal. Adding a floral bouquet as a centerpiece or as an extra gift is a good idea too. (I suggest my sister’s dried floral bouquet arrangements from her business, Jewel Sales Art). 

If you’re in need of some help to give you the ultimate (luxurious) romantic dinner, try considering hiring a service, for example Chef Haydee from California can help you prep some delicious cooked dishes for dinner arranged with some beautiful props to make your night romantic and memorable, whether it’s in your yard or on the beach. She also has a service called “The Garden Bubble”. (Take a look on her Instagram.)

Photo credit: Chef Haydee‘s service shown above on the beach with Jewel Sales Art dried floral arrangements

Romantic Date Idea #4: Make a vision board of future trips with partner 

Making a vision board would be such a cute date idea! Just find a place where you can have plenty of space to work with on a table like on your kitchen table or a backyard table or you could even just do this sitting on a bed together. I would gather some art supplies from an arts craft store like Michael’s or even go to your local Walmart. 

Since this will be an activity to create a vision board of future travels or trips you and your partner can plan together, you will only need to get one poster board or a corkboard. You need scissors, glue, markers, magazines (preferably travel and outdoor ones), and some fun stickers. You and your partner will contribute to creating one vision board and discuss what your travel goals are with each other to tackle for the year (or for the further future).

Romantic Date Idea #5: Go kayaking or canoeing at sunset

I love kayaking and canoeing; I did more canoeing back in my home state of New Jersey. Doing these things in the sunset is romantic but regardless if there’s a sunset there or not, this is a great way to bond. You can choose to kayak in a tandem (a kayak that can seat two people in it) or go on separate kayaks and for canoeing, it’s best to be together in one. Choose a lake nearby or a river and get out there with your kayaks. If you don’t have one, there is most likely a company you can rent kayaks from as well as canoes and they will bring it out to you from their own cars. I would google something up!

Canoeing in Princeton, New Jersey

Romantic Date Idea #6: Go glamping for a quick getaway 

So, I personally have never done this yet, but I read about it so much upon going on Instagram. There are so many quaint and stunning locations to choose to do a getaway where you can camp with luxury and accommodations (also called “glamping”). You can find a teepee, a hut, a tented camp, or cabin that is situated with a cozy looking bed. The styles can be so unique from location to location; you can even find treehouses to stay in and that enough is a wonderful nostalgic feeling to live out my childhood dreams into adulthood with the love of my life I’d say! Check out Glamping.com and GlampingHub.com to find a destination.

There are plenty of glamping spots to also look for on Airbnb. You can even get about up to $50 off your first time booking an Airbnb if you use my offer from my link here (this is if you have not booked using Airbnb yet or registered an account yet). 

Photo from a cozy glamping Airbnb in Banks, Oregon; Photo credit: Superhost Ruthanne

Romantic Date Idea #7: Go stargazing

Ahh, the stars, the moon, the Milkyway. This is the ultimate and most beautiful thing to do in life that is for the most part, free. All you need is to go to a location known for having clear night skies and this is important of course because of the visibility you can have. Find a place away from the city and to a quiet comfortable place. Lay some blankets down and pillows or get to the back of an SUV with the trunk opened. Got a telescope? Bring that along! If you want to know what specific stars you’re looking at, I recommend downloading an astronomy app like SkyView Lite and SkySafari. Here’s a list of a lot more of those downloadable apps.

Romantic Date Idea #8: Buy a painting canvas set and go outside to paint landscapes

You don’t have to be an artist to do this! It’s fun to try to attempt to paint anything especially when it’s about sharing the experience. Why not bring a Paint and Sip event outside of an art studio? First, gather your art supplies from your plain canvas to your paint brushes to paint easels and of course, to your paint. (Acrylic is perfect for beginners but if you want to try watercolor, you can do that too!) 

I also recommend you bring a dirty large sheet or blanket (or one you don’t mind dirtying up) so that you can use it as floor protection in case you drop paint. When you’re outside in nature, you HAVE to protect the environment. You will use your beautiful surroundings to be the muse for your paint artwork by copying what you are seeing in person onto your artwork; try to create a close resemblance to the landscape.

I actually painted this in a paint and sip but this is an example of how painting a landscape would look like!

Romantic Date Idea #9: Set up a bonfire night 

Putting a fire up at night is romantic for all the right reasons: it creates this warm natural-lit ambiance, you get to have the stars to look at above (possibly), and you can roast some s’mores together as delicious treats to have. You can do this while camping, do it outside in your backyard if you have a fire pit, or you can go to an open park that has fire pits you can use. If you’re doing it out on public land, know what the rules are first (if you’re allowed to create a fire there). 

Romantic Date Idea #10: Make a playlist for your partner and play it during a road trip

A road trip is always a great choice to get closer to your significant other. If you have a location in your state that you always wanted to check out with them that requires like an hour or more drive, then why not create a banging playlist with a mixture of your favorite tunes or a genre that both you and your partner love? You can put a theme to your playlist (You can make a completely romantic one? One that will make you just want to dance? One that will make you sing along together?) or you can just put a bunch of common artists that both of you love. 

Heck, you can even create a whole playlist for your significant other and dedicate it to them completely (like the “feels” songs you listen to that makes you think of them).

If you don’t want to create a playlist, feel free to use my various playlists below that I create on Spotify. 🙂 Choose whichever playlist you and your significant other are more likely to listen to together.

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