Hike the Broadway Cave in the Superstition Mountains

Among the glorious Superstition Mountains located in Apache Junction, Arizona, there’s a hidden gem cave that sticks out when you look up at Monument Canyon. An illusion of thinking it’s easy to get there and close, it’s not! Broadway Cave in the Superstition Mountains can be a great motivation to challenge yourself and to feel like you’re on top overlooking cities far and below you but away from that. This moderate-difficult hike takes you around stunning desert landscape that will leave you in awe.

Green wilderness landscape of the Superstitions

This hike, however, is a must if you are a fan of exploring caves in trails and if you want to get immersed in the wilderness with plenty of the Saguaro cactus too. The Superstition Wilderness does make you feel like you’re in the wilderness as opposed to public trails at mountain parks. I did this hike solo, but I feel like, for beginners and hikers who are still learning to be experienced in hiking, it’s better to go with another person. A good thing about this hike is that it has low traffic, so you can find yourself just being here alone in solitude. This is a guide and an honest review to help you with your hike to Broadway Cave as there are some obstacles to pay attention to.

Broadway Cave of Monument Canyon, Superstitions

The stats for Broadway Cave Trail

Distance: 3.6 miles
Elevation gain: 977 feet
Route type: Out and back
Coordinates to use for directions for the GPS: 33.40782, -111.47697

Best time to go

This hike is nice at any time of the day. I find that this hike must be more gorgeous during sunrise and sunset. I did this hike just before the sunset and finished after the sunset. Something so magical about the sun rays among the landscape and the sky filled with orange skies. When you get to the top, you’ll have a great time watching the sky and sun go down.

Sunset at the Superstitions
Sunset! Just wow.

The hike can be long, depending on your level and pace, and I finished it within two and a half hours. It doesn’t seem safe at all to go during night time, especially as this is within the wilderness and I already saw a bit of wildlife out here (deer running, jackrabbits, etc.). I’m pretty sure there are more roaming around there at specific times. In this case, you should always try to go earlier as it’s always best and of course, go during the times to avoid the heat.

Feeling blessed
Found this random rock lying on one of the rocks of the trail — on the back, it says “Post to Arizona rocks”. Seems like someone asked another person to lay it somewhere in the desert! Great spot to choose.

When I went, it was so vividly green like unreal in the desert and this is in February. During wintertime in Arizona, it can be more green due to the rainfall that took place over time and colder temperatures. It was the perfect time of the year to hike this.

What to look out for

You will find the hike right behind the small and tight parking lot. Parking is very limited. Most of the trail, in the beginning, is an easy direct route and the trailhead will be marked Jacob’s Crosscut Trail. The only obstacles from hiking there are how rocky it is (to the point your feet will hurt, so wear good hiking shoes!) and how close you will get to cacti. Trust me, you won’t want to get pricked by one because it hurts like hell.

It gets tricky by a mile in. You will see a wooden sign that says “Jacob’s Cross Cut Trail”. Do not follow that mark as it points left, keep walking straight ahead. As you keep walking ahead and walking on and get to this point, you will see a big pile of rocks. Do not go across them, you need to make a right. From here on, you will notice the path gets more narrow. You will be in between the many bushes and there are a few cactus too by them, so always watch where you’re going ahead as well as pay attention to what’s next to you.

You will notice big boulders and in this section, you need to climb over them. You will know it’s time to start climbing up and it’s going to be steeper. Of course, it’s going to be more of a workout and you can feel the elevation gain. But, trust me, it won’t be as hard as getting down from the cave. Make sure to go on your own pace and catch a breath and sip water every now and then.

Once you reach the cave, you will feel amazed at how much you’ve climbed and you’ll see a 360 aerial view of the other mountains across and all the homes and cities.

Being at Broadway Cave and getting down

The massive cave of Broadway Cave is an incredible haven away from the loud noise of cities and it is said to be a mineshaft once. It’s not a flat even surface, so you’re limited to walking around the cave. I tried to walk around but felt my feet shuffling through the soft soil that just slopes down (LOL). It was an accidental dangerous move. I stayed close to the cave walls with rocks to be made as great seating. I looked out to the beautiful scenery, relaxed, embraced the quietness and peace that came from there, took photographs and videos, and then worried, “Oh crap, how am I going to get down?!!”

It is so steep getting down and at first, I went out of the trail because there are some open spaces that look like a trail, when in fact, you’ll just get stuck in between plants. It’s always important to trace your steps, but it’s tricky with no markers or distinct landmarks. You’ll know it’s a trail again when you see the loose rocks guiding you to get down. Use your best judgment. Also, what always helps the most is downloading a map of it. I love the AllTrails app and it’s helped me find my way during my hikes (solo especially) for so long!

I had to crouch down and crawl and hold onto bigger rocks to get down because I was afraid my balance may not be the best for getting down, especially if you do not have hiking poles with you (this will be useful). Even if your balance improved from so much hiking, it does not always mean you won’t have that accident to slip off loose rocks or something.

Watch me hike it

I created and edited this video of hiking Broadway Cave with wide-angle shots. You can really experience the unreal wilderness beauty around here that I felt when you watch this through video. 

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