How To Make A Travel-Themed Bulletin Board

When it comes to our offices, whether at home or work, we want to create a zen environment and a little area that expresses who we are. With all the travel pins and stickers I collected that were just lying around, being unused, I decided to create a cool art project with them! I’ve always wanted to own a bulletin board since I’m always working by a desk, so I bought one and transformed it using those pins and stickers – which I can now be grateful to use them.

Making a bulletin board to display your collected travel souvenir pins and stickers is fun and easy. I use to display my travel pins on the front of my backpack and it’s honestly not a good idea because I lost a few of them (whoops!) as they fell off somehow. However, with a bulletin board, you can be assured that they will be safely placed and it’ll display your fondest travel memories right beside your workspace. Also, if you’re a travel junkie like me, you’ll appreciate doing an art project this way.

Here are the materials you need:

1. A corkboard (preferably a 23” x 17” sized one) – I used U Brands Cork Bulletin Board, which you can purchase at Amazon for $14.99.

2. A magnetic board (preferably a dry erase board that is an 11” x 14” sized one) – I bought mine from Michael’s, but you can buy yours anywhere.

3. Foam mounting squares – These will be used as the double-sided tapes that will help your magnetic board stick onto the corkboard and help with other props you want on there.

4. Magnetic paper – I used ProMag Magnetic Paper, which can be purchased at Michael’s right here on their site. It comes with 3 sheets, which is more than enough for a good amount of stickers to turn to magnets. These will be used for you to stick your stickers on and be able to have their magnetic capabilities.

5. A printed colored paper of a medium-sized world map – This is just used for aesthetic reasons and it will add a cool prop haha. You’ll see what I mean later. I used this USA map right here on because it’s readable, pastel-colored (love that!), and makes for a good size when it’s printed without adjusting its size.

6. Letter stickers – You can buy this at any arts and craft store, it’s preferable to use small-sized ones so they can easily fit onto your geographic map. These will be used to create an adventure-inspired quote that you can stick right on the map. I find quotes are always a nice touch to put onto a bulletin board.

7. Scissors – You will need these to cut up all your stickers.

8. Lastly – Gather all your pins and stickers together. You can also gather your already-bought travel magnets too to put them onto your magnetic board too after. Also, if you have polaroid photos you want to display on the bulletin board, make sure you have those with you too.

How to make your lovely bulletin board:

So, first off, you’re going to have to take off all the backings of your pins and then stick them in on one side of the corkboard. I did this first, so I can visualize what goes on next to it.

Second, you can watch this YouTube video I created below to see what to do next:

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial for an art project that I really believe will make your wall cute and exciting for your office or room! It’s great to put together for both your sentimental items and to have a place to organize your thoughts. After all, a bulletin board serves vital information and truly communicates something and with this kind of board I made, anyone will pick up how much you love to go on adventures. A conversation starter and a reminder to what is to come… 

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